Packing Up

camping gear
Since when do scouts travel on ICE trains?? LOL!

Happy Sunday to you all! I was in Berlin since Thursday at a sort of workshop, which has really helped me to sort out my direction on moving on with my career and to have some more confidence in myself – knowing that I can tackle new things. I was so nervous in the run up to it I could hardly sleep and it was as intensive as I had anticipated, but I met wonderful people and had a lot of fun learning new things and getting out of my comfort zone. I also had some nice chats to old friends which has helped me clarify what my next steps are. Friends are the best.

I thought this picture of the luggage from some camping scouts (who were traveling on the ICE train, the most expensive, fast trains ) was really fun! I’m really tired and just want to be outside today so this isn’t much of a post.


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