Enough is enough.

Hello! I have some news… I finally decided to quit my job and take another around the corner! I start in January because I must give 3 months notice. I felt strongly I didn’t want to let another year go by and this fuelled me to get over the anxiety I was having over leaving and what to do next and just take something.

The new one does not seem like a perfect fit, but I’m trying to make a big effort to be happier in my life and not putting up with things that don’t serve me anymore. I want more time to do my hobbies like cooking, yoga, life-drawing, traveling and enjoying life with my partner and visiting my friends more.

Our basement was broken into two days ago and they took only my beautiful bicycle. I thought I would be more upset than I am, I guess moving job is more of a preoccupation at the moment. Thankfully!

I’ve really been trying to get my head straight to come up with a next-steps life plan. I’m not sure it’s a wise idea, but I guess it’s good to think about it a little. I came to Germany almost 8 years ago with all of my savings and the goal to learn enough to improve my career chances at home and thus my quality of life. Well, then the financial crisis happened and I thought it more sensible to stay for a while and try to make it work.

This year I traveled to Japan, a dream of mine since I can remember and I was bitten by the travel-bug if I’m honest. 3 weeks holidays a year is just not enough and I feel like I should take steps to prioritise a kind of proper “see the world tour” before I want to return home and settle down.

I don’t yet feel like returning to Ireland, but I feel the biological clock start to tick. I don’t know how to manage it all in the end but maybe it is important to think about it and plan for it and see what happens. From my new job I intend to try to save a substantial sum for travel. Next year until May is already fully planned, which is fine. My “trial period” in my next job will expire in June so until then I can quit with 2 weeks notice. I don’t plan on staying in this job as long as the last one!

To the persuit of happiness!



  1. Wow, congratulations on finding a new job. You have to give 3 months notice? Unheard of in North America. Two weeks is the standard here, no matter how long you have been employed. I wish you luck – lots of exciting things will be happening and although change is hard – it can be fabulous too!

  2. Thank you :) Actually here in Germany it is not the norm either, and my next company have also jumped on the bandwagon! That means after 6 months probation, I will also have to give 3 months notice. Up until then it’s 2 weeks. The next job is not a perfect match, but I don’t think I will see it out past the probationary period and will continue to look in a relaxed way. Already things have improved in my current company and I’ve been put with a different team and I can’t believe how much better I feel in myself already.

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