It’s been far too long!

Hi guys! I hope you’re doing really well. Well, to say that 2016 has been a chaotic whirlwind has been an understatement as you can see with how little I’ve been blogging – haha! Here’s a quick summary of the main things that have happened in between:

I’ve been back in Ireland for my sister’s wedding (which was a great, albeit a VERY quick day!) . On the roadtrip back to Germany we did the classic tourist trip of the south coast of Ireland which was wonderful too. You don’t tend to do those kinds of trips in your own country :)

We learned from our last trip not to eat on the boat, but it proved quite difficult to get a hot meal in Cherbourg in France on the way over before we boarded. This was due to French eating habits, which I hadn’t factored in. In Ireland, you can get an all-day-breakfast practically anywhere. In Germany, you’ll always find a turkish kebab at almost any time of day in practicaly every small town or village. In France, restaurants don’t seem to start serving until around 6 (which is when we’d already to be in the queue to board). Not to worry, the supermarket was open and we got two trays of sushi and ate it in the car :)As a town to visit, we really enjoyed Killarney. There’s plenty of places to walk and be in nature and as a foodie you’ll be well served (I highly recommend the Lord Kenmare’s). Whale watching in nearby Baltimore was very special. Overall we had great value everywhere we went too.

Fantastic whale watching with Whale Watch West Cork at Baltimore Harbour. We saw “Minkie” whales!
Gap of Dunloe
Near the Gap of Dunloe, Co. Kerry – such a wild and beautiful place.

I’ve been working away in my new job and while I’m emotionally much better served there, it’s still a lot of hours that I do (for less money), so a bit of room for improvement there. My anxiety’s taken a turn for the better, thankfully. I’m just dealing a bit more with being more reactive and defensive. But it’s all good.

We took a badly needed week to relax on the Balearic island of Majorca. It was a toss between Portugal, Alicante and Majorca and Majorca won out because of the humane flight times.

We stayed this time at an Air B&B a few minutes walk away from here in possibly the most untouristey part of the island we’d visited. Actually, I thought that I had booked somewhere near to Porto Cristo (in actuality this was 50km away). That will give you an inkling of how busy work and my private life had been up until that point. Standing in Palma airport on the phone to the host who didn’t speak any english – I vowed “never again” and to put myself first in these situations and be better prepared.

We did have a lovely relaxing time though and some great finds to remember for another time were:

  • Cala Pi“, a beautiful secluded inlet beach with calm, crystal-clear water and surrounded by pine trees. We had a lovely al-fresco dinner at Taverna Michael in this village too.
  • The beach at Es Trenc was fabulous too in a different way,  with turquoise blue waves and white sand. After a hard-day’s sunbathing, we treated ourselves to a beer at the adjacent chilled-out-chic “Bar Esparanza“.


I’ve planned a trip to Athens on Dec 28th so I’m really excited about that! Then next year (probably in April) we were also hoping to visit the US (for the first time for me) too… perhaps renting a car and going to Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park. If anyone has any tips on visiting these areas I’d appreciate it very much! Some other things on the wishlist would be to see a baseball/football game or something like that and maybe to do a tour and learn more about a native American culture. I am totally open to suggestions and tips for all kinds of things!

Thank you :)



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