5 Blogs and Podcasts I love right now:

Hello and happy Tuesday! I always find it really interesting to read what others are reading and listening to currently, so I thought I’d share what I’m checking in on regularly…

  1. DIY & Crafts Inspiration


A magazine with lots of ideas. All I can say is this:


2. Food

Cooking with Dog is my clear favourite cooking youtube channel which focuses on make at home japanese cuisine hosted by Francis the poodle and his mysterious chef. I have learned so much and made so many nice meals using this website! I was so sad to hear that Francis has passed away recently :(

3. Mind, Body, Spirit

Zen Habits” is an inspirational self-care blog focusing on mental health.

For exercise and to combat my persistant shoulder problems due to tension, I also started occasionally going to Feldenkrais classes which are really good. Sometimes I do a few minutes of Feldenkrais at home with this youtube channel.

4. Music

Free People spotify playlist. On the Free People blog they periodically post a playlist and I really enjoy most of the tracks. Listening to artists you’ve never heard of before is fun and inspirational I think!

5. Money

MyMoneyMind is a blog and podcast (only in the German language) and blog for women who want to build a better relationship to their money. I love Linda’s openness and honesty and have really been enjoying this one.

What sites, blogs or podcasts are you into at the moment?


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