Chocolate Ice-Cream

This time of year a lot of colleagues say goodbye to move onwards and upwards, and for a very dear one, I made some chocolate ice-cream with my ice-cream maker yesterday.

The recipe comes from Diana De La Fuente’s youtube channel. It’s, in my chocoholic opinion, the best ice-cream ever. My boyfriend often jokes I should quit my day job and make ice-cream. If you’ve got an ice-cream maker and love chocolate, you should give it a try sometime.


I’ve also been busy in the kitchen baking Christmas cookies. My friends and colleagues alwasy surprise me with them, so a few years ago I started baking them too. I always give some to my neighbour across the hallway.

I don’t have a special handed-down recipe, I just look at this website. The Vanillekipferl take about an hour to grate the nuts (if you have a blender this would be much faster).

Traditional Christmas Biscuit “Vanillekipferl”. I always make at least 2 kinds.


For the Cinnamon Stars, I had only bought 1 package of ground almonds (needed 3), so I made up the rest and added some grated almonds and some desiccated coconut. They needed a bit longer to bake, but they turned out lovely and chewy. I couldn’t find my star-shaped cutter, so i just wet my hands and made little blobs instead :)




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