2017 Travel Inspiration

On my journey to Ireland for Christmas, a “Glamping” magazine caught my eye in the airport duty free shop. I couldn’t resist and bought it to read on the plane.


It comes out twice a year and there are so many inspirational places to visit in it. One that stood out was this floating cabin on a river in the french Alsace. Apparently breakfast is delivered to you on the jetty in the morning :)

Croatia, Spain and Italy also seem to offer a lot in terms of glamping. Two places that stood out were these cute rustic beach huts in Croatia and an outdoorsy choice for Spain. I’d actually never even considered camping in Spain, but why not? The climate there is probably perfect for it.

Another inspirational piece in it was about Transparent igloos in Finland to watch the northern lights.A girl can dream, can’t she?

There is something about a good magazine that the internet just can’t replace :) I’ll definitely be on the lookout for the next edition. I had also bought the german version of the lonely planet magazine, but I honestly didn’t enjoy that so much and I’m not sure why.

This year we’d like to visit the US and in particular Yellowstone National Park in May perhaps. They did have some cool suggestions for the US in the magazine too, but not in the area we think we’ll visit. Many of my friends want to interrail through Europe this year – perhaps we’ll have a lot of visitors in the summer ;)

I also have a whole week off in February and I think we’ll take the train to Vienna, Austria. Can’t beat €78 one way for 2 people with Deutsche Bahn!



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