January Shmanuary

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve had a great start into 2017. Ours has had a shaky start, since we found out in January that we had picked up scabies, probably in November sometime, but I had put it down to a change in washing powder, an allergy to a room spray i’d got as a present… literally everything else until it became unbearable. Thankfully it appears to have cleared up now.

The treatment for it is a kind of pesticide cream called “Permethrin”that you leave on for 8 hours. I left it on for 16 hours, (to make sure I was protected while I handled all the bed linen and clothing– of course with gloves!) It really dried out my skin though – I was like a prune.Contrary to most of what I read online, it has seemed to have worked in one application. Before doing the treatment, we’d to get all the duvet, pillows, mattress and mattress protector washed and dried in the launderette. All clothing has to be washed at 60 degrees to get rid of the mites and to vaccuum the bed and textiles daily. I also had super hot showers daily for 2 weeks and added some tea tree oil into my body wash and plenty of coconut oil as body lotion. The worst part is getting everything washed, and telling everyone you’ve been in close contact with that they should watch out. Thankfully noone else caught it. Yuck!

So as you can image, January was a bit of a debbie downer but some good things did happen of course! For example, my budget somehow seems to have worked and left me with €126 surplus! So, I purchased some new clothing since I’d destroyed a lot of it in the scabies fiasco (certain things finding their way into a 60 degree wash, other things not reacting well to the tumble drier… etc.)

I finally found two simple dresses that I liked. I have been looking for months for something basic and good quality. The first is a “relaxed-cut dress” in a mottled grey fabric from Abercrombie which is lovely and soft and not too short. The second is a navy knit dress from Esprit. It’s so hard to get nice, basic pieces so I was very pleased to get two on the same day. I’m just noticing that both dresses don’t “hang” like they do on these very thin models… they’re actually very nice cuts for normal people. I also bought a cool waist belt that I fell in love with in the Autumn but couldn’t part with €60 for it reduced to €20. I’ve been to chicken so far to wear it! I also bought a lovely khaki green jumper which doesn’t seem to be available online, same as the belt.

I will renew my Missussmartypants membership today because I do miss getting the profiles on Thursdays. It’s sort of a little gentle nudge to try things differently, or just a little bit of inspiration for my wardrobe. Not all the choices are always to my taste, but that’s not the point at all, you learn to find what you like and what suits you. In the past, I found anything to do with personal style absolutely overwhelming and off-putting. I let the membership lapse because I thought I have enough still to do with getting basic items into my wardrobe and I know what I’ve to do but do less than when I was a member. Overall, I’ve noticed a big improvement in how I feel about the clothes that I have and always that I have something to wear – a few different options usually – to whatever occasion pops up. The days of panicking and emergency shopping at the last second are in the past.

Since the new year we’ve also been trying to eat a more plant-based diet. We haven’t gone vegetarian entirely, but a couple of documentaries like “Forks over Knives” on Netflix have encouraged us to do a bit better. I’ve also installed the Lifesum app on my phone, which I find interesting and also infuriating but it gives insights into what choices you’re making with the food you eat. I’ve also been doing an at-home yoga and meditation practice just 15 minutes a day before work so I hope that’s becoming a habit. I’ve been regularly bringing my lunch to work, much to the protest of a particular colleague (there are now only two of us sitting in the office space together and he expects that I go out for lunch with him every day).

So as I’m typing this, making my way through a second box of tissues, loaded with the cold, I’m looking forward to our mini inter-railing trip to Vienna and Budapest next weekend for a week! When we return, it will be March already. To me, that is incredible. We have no plans for our big holiday yet. We had been talking about the USA, maybe flying into Rapid City, SD, hiring a car take in Yellowstone national park and flying back via Salt Lake City. It seems a little late to organise and I know it really shouldn’t put me off doing what I want to do, but all this Donald Trump media barrage is putting me off somewhat. Perhaps next year or at least it would be later in the year than we usually go on holidays.

What about you guys? Have you been keeping your new years resolutions? How was your start into 2017?






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