Tested: “Too good to go”

Hi guys, hope you’re all doing really well. Just a quick post this evening to say I’m completely into this new app called “Too good to go”, where for between €2 – €5 you can pick up a mystery bag of unsold food from participating restaurants, shops and supermarkets.

These were my first purchase. For €2 I got 2 beautiful loaves of organic bread that were still juicy and delicious. Couldn’t believe these would otherwise be binned.
On Friday we got our after work takeaway from Dean and David. 2 portions for €9. That included 2 goats cheese and lettuce wraps, 2 chia berry puddings, a small portion of thai soup / sauce and a portion of veggie curry with quinoa and brown rice. The chia puddings are €3.50 each by themselves.

I hope more supermarkets continue to take part! I will try out some more – there is even artisinal icecream and fresh juices taking part. What a wonderful idea! I definitely recommend giving it a try if it’s in your area.

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