Some things China taught me

Hello :)

I’m still on sabbatical, traveling in Asia. I wanted to share some things I will take away with me from the trip that I learned in China. It’s a place that made a huge impression on me and somewhere that I regret not spending longer in. It’s a fascinating place.

Tea time with different seeds and nuts etc to nibble on

In no particular order:

  • To be grateful for my freedom — I’m privileged to have the freedom to be able to decide to travel when and almost wherever I want.
  • When it’s not possible for you to move that other people can, people are equally capable of weaving in and out around you. That means (for me), that it’s not always up to me to be considerate and accommodating for absolutely everyone. Other people can move too. It’s not all on me.
  • Not to be too snobby to ask the price of something in advance.
  • Always carry some fruit to snack on
  • Relax hard midday — nap if possible or lie up and watch YouTube videos.
  • Eat more mushrooms
  • Enjoy drinking hot water and different mixed teas with fruit and herbs
  • A cashless society will make it difficult to help someone out with a cash donation
  • Agree on what you want to do tomorrow the night before to optimise the time you have and limit running around so you can also relax

Let me know if any of this resonates with you too! Have a good start to your week!

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