About Me

Hello, thanks for stopping by onto my little space online “How I got this far”:) I began this blog initially to shift to a more positive frame of mind and get some motivation to rebuild my savings after using them all up to start a new life abroad in Germany. I thought I could do this in part by exchanging with like-minded people online and also that by writing as I go along that I could in some way have a way to track and keep accountable on my journey.

I can happily update this “About” page to say that in 2013, since I achieved my 10k savings goal in December, I feel very much back on my feet. Since then I feel like I have learned so much from others online that has helped me achieve this, even if I don’t blog so often. I try to do it once a week, but often I don’t manage it.

I try to live as simply and as ecologically sound as I can and organised enough so that I don’t drive myself crazy.

If you’d like to contact me, please comment or send me an email!
I really love to read comments from visitors to my blog and will try to respond to each one :)


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