10k Challenge

10k? Am I going to run a race? Not run 10k… save 10k!

Now that I eventually have my job back on track and my first paycheque, I want to save 10k by Christmas. There, I’ve said it. I recently told my sister this, and she suggested that I blog about it, to keep myself on track :) And also because she wants to know (when I do it – thanks for the confidence sis ;) ) how i did it. So.

Here’s the plan: I have a surprise head-start which I’m *so* happy about :) That is € 3,000 which is comprised from my €1,000 emergency fund + March’s earnings + April’s earnings (so far mostly unspent). To boot, my other half is going to kindly support me by covering rent and bills this year (last year was extremely hard on us when we were living on my one measly paycheque). But enough of that… let’s look to the future! :)

That means I have 8mths to put away  €7,000 to reach the 10k savings goal. It’s quite a portion of my wages, but with a little self-discipline (I’m hoping to boost that by publicising my efforts!) I should also be able to save over and above this to fund a well-deserved trip to either Canada or Japan this time next year (as a reward!)

December Week 4
Well, I really thought with christmas and all, that it was too much of a tall order to save anything from november’s paycheque, epecially since I paid the rent this month.

I currently have the figure of ***10 k € in my savings a/c !!! It may well be that I have to use some for groceries in january but also perhaps not. in any case, I’m dead chuffed:)

November Week 4

NINE ONE THREE FIVE!!! COME ON!!! €865 to go!!

November Week 2

€8,500, with two more paycheques to go! That means I need to put by €750 euro each month this side of christmas. If i can clawback another €300 out of this month’s paycheque that only means €600 a month to reach my goal!!! I gotta hang in there with my no work lunches challenge because it’s worth €100 a month to me. Maybe I can save another €50 a month on groceries if I’m careful. I’m due a taxi receipt back today so it can go into my wallet as emergency money. I’m staying positive I can do this :)

November Week 1

After a close shave at the end of October, I’ve made it into November with €8,200 in my savings. Last month I did side-track a little bit for a few reasons and took back €300. I bought flights for halloween and Christmas for two people (this is the other person’s christmas present!). I also bought some badly needed clothes for myself. With €1,800 to go, in two pay-packets it doesn’t seem impossible. Maybe I need to print off one of these Free Discount Vouchers for myself to keep me on track ;)

October Week 1

I hit the €8,000 mark today :) €2000 eur to go! I’m not sure I can do any better this month again, because I need to buy flights for Halloween and Christmas before they get any dearer. So €1000 a month for the next two months with christmas in there… is starting to seem impossible now – but if I get my tax back in the new year for 2012 then I will make it up in January. So my forecast is that I will be a bit behind on my Dec 31st deadline, but let’s see :)

August Week 4

This month was really hard somehow. I think I need to plan a bit better and be more strict when it comes to silly expenditure. I need to put my foot down with some things.

Since we had good weather we went away a lot at the weekend (camping) and bought only meat to eat. There were late fees on credit cards and library book fees (just a case of bad organisation) and other kinds of fines.

It ended up I saved €500 for the month of August, which now that I type it sounds fine. Still 3k to save in 4 months. That’s €750 per month. It seems almost impossible because the damn car repair fees are eating almost half of our outgoings at the minute, so, there will be three more months of that (insurance and winter-tyre expenses) and then we’re back in business. Hopefully! I’m starting to think about flights for Christmas and maybe Halloween… maybe I will just make it with some tax back in the new year. Im not giving up it just seems a little impossible right now.

June Week 3

Ouch! The car repairs were really a lot more than expected. That on top of birthdays and visitors means that I won’t be able to save just as much next month. Pity. Also I have to learn not to save too much so’s to leave myself short. E.g. this week I had to use my “foreign” bank card and incur fees on it to pay the mechanic because there wasn’t enough money in my current account. Stupid. Oh well, lesson learned!


June Week 1

got paid again :) The total savings so far is a whopping €5,500, so June being month 6/12, I’m bang on target. Feels sooo good! I have noticed a trend in my everyday spending, which is that I go for the snack box, take the bus and buy lunch when I’m late or disorganised, and if I don’t have change, put ludicrious amounts of money into colleagues birthday card envelopes.

So I think a few adjustments here and there over the last week have worked. E.g. buying a packet of healthier biscuits and leaving them in my desk (they are expensive but not as expensive as going to the snack box every day), as well as a purse with change specially for birthday gift collections, and to bring spare lunch in case my lunch buddy cancels. I should also get a new bike..


May Week 1

got paid… first time in 4mths! Must…resist…spending…it…all…!!! I don’t want to spend more than €200 on groceries this month if possible, but did poorly at eating out at work this week due to tough work deadlines. I also borrowed some of the “Entertainment” allowance (the budget for that is €100 for this month)  from the “Groceries” envelope and aaaaaalso splurged on an expensive yet bargainous and sensible birthday gift for my guy. But hey it’s week 1.


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