This is where I will post about books that I’m reading at the moment

The Curse of Lovely, by Jaqui Marson (iBook)

I am devouring this self-help book to learn to draw boundaries with other people and to stop people-pleasing behaviour. It’s the first book I’ve bought on iTunes. I am finding it really helpful to identify what it is that I need to do to make some baby steps towards a happier life being more assertive and putting myself first. Definitely written for people like me who need a bit of help saying no.

the curse of lovely


The GOOD Book, by Pam Young (Audio Book)

I splashed out €8.70 for the download of this audio book during the week and it kept me entertained all of Friday at work. GOOD stands for Get Out Of Debt and while I am very thankful that I am not in debt, I think this book is worth listening to for anyone who is trying to reign in their spending to get back in the black.

The author gives a very honest account of her “former life” (for which I really admire her honesty!) and then describes how she came to realise that her bad behavior was always caused by a childish side of her. The book explains how she learned to control, and to love this side of her and asks the reader to question their own thinking and get into contact with their inner child so as you can adopt a more “loving parent” approach to this side of yourself. The first 13 minutes of the book is available to listen to for free on her website, and the complimentary FlyLady “FACE” journal (Financial Awareness Continually Empowers) is 100% free to download too.

I’m not all the way through listening to it, but I’m loving how honest the author is about her “former life” because it makes her so easy to relate to. I follow the Flylady routines and this book is mentioned a lot, so I have been wanting it for ages. I guess my inner brat wanted me to give in and finally splurge on it! LOL!

Vegan Unterwegs (Vegans On-The-Go) by Heike Kügler-Anger

This is a german book which gives a practical “store-cupboard list” of vegan staples and as you’d imagine has a slant towards german style way of eating : meaning lots of different spreads for bread (i like that) and for me, unusual flavour mixes. It has lots of ideas for snacks too (how to roast chickpeas) and i will definitely try the tomato-pinenut balls, fig and marzipan dessert and chestnut soup.



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