Menu Planning

I’ve decided to switch to a paleo diet for the next few months, to try to lose a few inches.

mr linkyWhat’s for Dinner?

Week 48 2015

It’s getting kind of hectic around here with the To Do’s mounting. I’m trying to stay on top of it though! Here’s our rough-sketch menu plan for the week.

Mo 30.11.15 – Roast chicken with broccoli  carrots and sweet potatoes

Tu 01.12.15 – Leftover roast chicken in lettuce wraps with homemade salsa and peppers

We 02.12.15 –  Chichen Pho leftovers for lunch

Th 03.12.15 – Christmas market date – eating out

Fr 04.12.15 – White Fish poached in the slow cooker

Sa 05.12.15 – Homemade Sushi

Week 45 2015

This week ahead I’m mostly alone – let the crockathon commence! My boyfriend prefers oven-cooked meals (and tells me often) but I love coming home and just lifting a hot meal straight out of the slow cooker – it really feels like you have some kind of butler at home preparing it for you! I’m going to be inspired by week one of “Paleo CrockCooker EBook Vol.1” by Leanne Ely just substituting one day for something that I can use up my fresh coriander in.

Sa 07.11.15  – Spicy paleo pineapple chicken with cauli-rice and broccoli

Su 08.11.15 – Honey-Lime Salmon Salad

Mo 09.11.15 – Sweet and tangy onion chops  with baked butternut squash

Tu 10.11.15 – Lamb and Vegetable Curry

We 11.11.15 –  Beef Pho from “Slow Cooked” by Miss South leftovers for lunch

Th 11.11.15 – Team evening – eating out

Fr 12.11.15 – Date night – eat out

Sa 13.11.15 – Sweet & Savoury Asian Beef Pot Roast

What’s for Dinner?
Week 39 2015

This week could be a crazy one, so hoping that I can rely on my crock pot a bit.

Mo 21.9.15  – roast chicken with corn on the cob (not made yesterday. Yes, we opted for a takeaway on Sunday.)

Tu 22.9.15 – Leftover roast chicken stir-fried. leftovers

We 23.9.15 – Crockpot Mousakka (finished in the oven)

Th 24.9.15 – Crockpot Pulled Pork

Fr 25.9.15 – Leftover Mousakka or Pulled Pork. leftovers

What’s for Dinner?
Week 36 2015

The freezer is empty – just ice-cream to use up! THEN we can defrost!

Mo 31.8.15  – YOYO (after-work get-together)

Tu 1.9.15 – vietnamese summer rolls with peanut dipping sauce

We 2.9.15 – Onion rings and salad

Th 3.9.15 – Katsu curry with rice and burger

Fr 4.9.15 – IOMO (I’m on my own :D) Soba probably.

What’s for Dinner?
Week 35 2015

After a very hectic week: here is a rough menu plan for the week ahead

Mo 23.8.15  – char siu pork with veg

Tu 24.8.15 – cannelloni

We 25.8.15 – cannelloni

Th 26.8.15 – veggie baked gnocchi with roast veg and mozzarella

Fr 27.8.15 – after work sushi (date night)

What’s for Dinner?
Week 34 2015

Almost there with the freezer – just one bag of Streusel left and the lychee and coconut sorbet I made – then it is EMPTY!

Mo 17.8.15  – Asian-style ribs (shop-bought marinade from asian grocers) with salad

Tu 18.8.15 – Home made pizza – thank you freezer surprise!

We 19.8.15 – chicken curry or katsu curry

Th 20.8.15 – At work in Berlin

Fr 21.8.15 – At work in Berlin

What’s for Dinner?
Week 33 2015

We’re are militantly clearing out the freezer – everything must go! Only a packet of potato farls, some store-bought potato wedges and gyoza left. Oh and I made a small batch of ice-cream this morning. The crock pot falafel needed deep frying after, I think Miss South’s crock-pot’s “low” setting is more like the “medium” setting on mine.

Mo 10.7.15  – leftovers from roast chicken Sunday dinner, sliced with leftover roast veg in a couscous salad.

Tu 11.7.15 – Cod from the freezer in a thai curry with sliced vegetables and noodles

We 12.7.15 – Chantrelle mushrooms with spaetzle. red bean ice-cream for dessert!

Th 13.7.15 – Meeting a friend after work. Eat out.

Fr 14.7.15 – One more try for our chicken and chips date in our local grill :)

What’s for Dinner?
Week 29 2015

Thanks to an overabundance of food in our fridge, we just needed to top up our Japanese breakfast supplies (for making pickles, plus some beans, rice, meat etc).

Sa 18.7.15 – BBQ ribs with peppers and cucumber salad cooked in the oven

Su 19.7.15 – roast beef, potatoes carrots and broccoli.

Mo 20.7.15  – leftovers from Sunday breakfast (fry) as dinner!

Tu 21.7.15 – Stir fried leftover roast beef with broccoli and char siu sauce

We 22.7.15 – Miss South’s crock pot falafel (still not made!) Slightly concerned about my exceedingly cheap ‘n’ cheerful hand blender doing this, but what the heck!

Th 23.7.15 – Teriyaki cod with cabbage and gyoza on the perpetual quest to clear out the freezer.

Fr 24.7.15 – chicken and chips date in our local grill :)

What’s for Dinner?
Week 28 2015

Uh oh, the freezer is full again! I decided I didn’t want to go camping because it wasnt warm enough and didn’t fancy the long drive. I just wanted to sleep in a bit this weekend and catch up on some house stuff. I had takeaway sushi on my birthday.

Su 12.7.15 – roast chicken with leftover veg roasted and taters.

Mo 13.7.15 – leftover pork katsu curry from last week

Tu 14.7.15  – Stir-fried chicken with noodles

We 15.7.15 – salmon from the freezer in the oven with vegetables

Th 16.7.15 – crock pot falafel

Fr 17.7.15 – teriyaki cod

Sa 18.7.15 – egyptian chicken with green peppers and flatbread

What’s for Dinner? Week 27 2015

Its hot hot hot outside and emptying the freezer is right on track. We need to attack the “pantry” soon enough, it is almost ready to burst! Which is a good thing…

Su 5.7.15  – bbq ribs and taters from the oven

Mo 6.7.15 – maultaschen and salad

Tu 7.7.15  – teriyaki cod

We 8.7.15 – chicken katsu curry

Th 9.7.15 – My birthday. I hope to have this day off and depending on my mood I will make something in the crockpot (perhaps homemade crockpot falafel ) while I go and relax. Or enjoy making something time-consuming.

Fr 10.7.15 – Eat at the newly opened Ramen Bar thats not open on Thursdays

Sa 11.7.15 – Go camping (weather permitting). BBQ meat, garlic bread

Su 12.7.15 – Go camping (weather permitting). Eat somewhere on the way back

What’s for Dinner? Week 25 2015

Su 21.6.15  – homemade pizza with rocket, parma ham and buffallo mozzarella

Mo 22.6.15 – leftover sausage sandwich

Tu 23.6.15  – pork schnitzel katsu curry

We 24.6.15 – leftover pork schnitzel katsu curry

Th 25.6.15 – slow cooker falafel and salad

Fr 26.5.15 – Cod in teriyaki sauce (*using up what’s in the freezer) with stir fried peppers



What’s for Dinner? Week 22 2015

Su 30.5.15 – char siu pork

Mo 1.6.15 – Homemade ramen using leftover char siu pork

Tu 2.6.15 – Cod in teriyaki sauce (*using up what’s in the freezer) with soba and pickles (not made last week)

We 3.6.15 – Slow Cooker black bean and squash stew with a leafy green veg

Th 4.6.15 – butter chicken curry with peppers

Fr 5.6.15 – Date night, eat out or a takeaway

Sa 6.6.15 – Japanese katsu curry and rice, maybe with breadded pork (not made last week)

What’s for Dinner? Week 21 2015

Su 24.5.15 – Roast chicken marinaded jerk-style with a rocket salad

Mo 25.5.15 – Steak and potatoes with carrots and broccoli

Tu 26.5.15 – Leftover roast chicken in soya sauce and broccoli stir fry

We 27.5.15 – Stuffed peppers with courgette, minced beef and chickpeas (*using up what’s in the freezer). Might do these in the slow cooker

Th 28.5.15 – Cod in teriyaki sauce (*using up what’s in the freezer) with soba and pickles

Fr 29.5.15 – Asparagus, ham and potatoes

Sa 30.5.15 – Japanese katsu curry and rice, maybe with breadded pork


What’s for Dinner? Week 17 2015

Tues 28th – leftover roast chicken with rice and homemade vegetable pickles

Weds 29th – cod in a terikayi sauce with rice and homemade vegetable pickles

Thurs 30th – salad with prawns and rice

Friday – cucumber salad with trout and mixed pickles and rice

Saturday – enchiladas with salad

Sunday – eat out

What’s for Dinner? Week 12  and 13 2015


It’s going well with the extra greens eggs and fresh fish effort. It works for us to eat fresh fish on Saturdays and the danger eat-out day is Fridays. This is the day to pull out the slow cooker! I’m going to plan for until we go to Japan. I’m also slowly working our way to emptying out the pantry.

  • Sat 21st March – fresh atlantic Tuna from the market served asian-style with salad or veg
  • Sun 22nd March – african marinaded roast chicken with oven roast veg
  • Tues 23rd March – leftover roast chicken in baby spinach salad
  • Weds 24th March – egyptian mince and okra baamiya
  • Thurs 25th March –  Indonesian-style fried vegetable-rice with a fried egg on top
  • Fri 26th March- Spicy black eyed peas with spinach and kale (slow cooker recipe not made from last week)
  • Sat 27th March – fresh seafood paella
  • Sun 28th March – steak and chips (cook potatoes for 2 days following)
  • Mon 29th March – spanish omelette with salad
  • Tues 30th March – homemade cod burgers
  • Weds 1st April – moroccan-style chicken in the slow cooker
  • Thurs 2nd April – freezer gyoza with stir-fried use-up-everything veg from the fridge
  • Fri 3rd April – OFF TO JAPAN!

What’s for Dinner? Week 9 2015


Back on the menu planning bandwagon! I’d like to work in some more fresh oily fish and leafy greens. Yesterday we had fresh mackrel which i tried to cook “à la Sfax” (roasted with garlicy berber-spice tomato sauce). It was a hit! I would like to try also to squeeze in a bean dish and an egg dish once a week. This week we’ve got:

  • Sun 8th March – simple roast chicken with gravy carrots and peas
  • Mon 9th March – Leftover chicken in a Szechuan sauce with peppers and rice
  • Tues 10th March – Irish stew (I’ve been craving it for it for a while…)
  • Weds 11th March – Spanish tortilla with salad
  • Thurs 12th March – Spicy black eyed peas with spinach and kale (slow cooker recipe)
  • Fri 13th March- Date night (eat out) or homemade sushi
  • Sat 14th March – fresh Tuna Darnes with salad



Oh, oh, oh… I haven’t been menu planning very well recently. Doesn’t mean I’ve stopped eating though! This calls for an organised week! I plan on doing an “eat from your pantry week” very soon.

What’s for Dinner? Week 8 2015

  • Sat 21st Feb – BBQ Ribs from the oven with home-made potato wedges
  • Sun 22nd Feb – roast chicken jerk-style with sweet potato,
  • Mon 23rd Feb – Leftover jerk chicken with salad and leftover sweet potato
  • Tues 24th Feb – thai style prawn and rice noodle dish
  • Weds 25th Feb – simple chickpea and spinach curry with sour cream and rice
  • Thurs 26th Feb – beef gulasch with mushrooms and red pepper
  • Fri 27th Feb – date night (eat out) or Paella


What is it that when I write that I will make any kind of cajun food, that I never do it? :) Anyway, what I DID do was to make a dent in that freezer.

What’s for Dinner? Week 50 2014

  • Mon 15 Dec chicken in batter with chips and salad
  • Tues 16th Dec – “Cleaning-out-the-freezer and vegetable drawer mousakka” with orzo pasta
  • Weds 17th Dec – Leftover Char Siu pork stirfried with veggies and rice
  • Thurs 18th Dec – paella (using up prawns in the freezer).
  • Fri 19th Dec – Christmas Market Dinner
  • Sat  20th Dec – Start to travel home for Christmas ( dinner on the road somewhere near Lille, France)

I need to start thinking about emptying out our freezer before we leave for Christmas on the 20th. Danged Christmas Markets are leading to a lot overbuying and hence food spoilage at the moment.

What’s for Dinner? Week 49 2014

  • Mon 9 Dec Roast Chicken with potatoes and spinach
  • Tues 10th Dec – Steak, Chips and Salad
  • Weds 11th Dec – Leftover Roast chicken with carrots and aubergines
  • Thurs 12th Dec –  Christmas party
  • Fri 13th Dec – Homemade Pizza with Buffalo mozzarella
  • Sat  14th Dec – Jambalaya in the slow cooker

We also had good success this week with menu planning, just eating out last night at the loving hut as a treat. The char siu pork from the freezer was a big hit!

What’s for Dinner? Week 48 2014

  • Sun 23rd Nov – Roast Chicken with potatoes and round zucchinis
  • Mon 24th Nov – Bamiya in the slow cooker served with orzo pasta
  • Tues 25th Nov – Fish from the oven with quick salad and mushrooms
  • Weds 26th Nov – Tofu stir fry with garlic, ginger and scallions served with noodles
  • Thurs 27th Nov – seafood chowder
  • Fri 28th Nov – date night, eat out

Last week’s menu planning went so well! My crockpot was on in the morning and when I came home I felt like the most organised person in the world! The chicken Osso Buco made enough sauce that I could mix it with some cooked pasta the next day for a “free” lunch!

What’s for Dinner? Week 47 2014

  • mon 17th Nov – char siu pork (using up pork in the freezer) with stir-fried red pepper
  • tues 18th Nov – left over char siu pork if there is any in pancakes with salad
  • weds 19th Nov – pierogis and cabbage not eaten from last week
  • thurs 20th Nov – tofu stir fry with garlic, ginger and scallions
  • fri 21st nov – date night, eat out (vegan)
  • Sat – 22nd nov, schnitzel and salad

This week I’m going to buy the ingredients and then cook each dish according to what we feel like spontaneously. I will have some extra time to myself on Tuesday and Wednesday to prepare more elaborate dishes.

What’s for Dinner? Week 46 2014

  • Tues 11th Nov – chicken osso buco with zucchini and squash
  • Weds 12th Nov – beef stroganoff
  • Thurs 13th Nov – Pork and Potato Soup
  • Fri 14th Nov – date night, eat out (vegan)
  • Saturday – pierogis and cabbage
  • Sunday – fresh fish, oven-roasted veg and sweet potato gratin

What’s for Dinner? Week 45 2014

  • Sun 2nd Nov – chicken fajitas
  • Mon 3rd Nov- quiche with smoked salmon
  • Tues 4th Nov – leftover quiche
  • Weds 5th- Maultaschen
  • Thurs 30th Oct – date night – eat out
  • Fri 31st Oct – gone to dublin – eat out

What’s for Dinner? Week 44 2014

  • Sun 26th Oct – Roast chicken, swiss chard, carrots and celeriac with gravy
  • Mon 27th Oct – Leftover chicken with thai red curry, red onion and peppers
  • Tues 28th Oct – char siu pork with roast fennell and carrots
  • Weds 29th Oct- apres yogaburger (new tradition!)
  • Thurs 30th Oct – chilli con carne and rice
  • Fri 31st Oct – leftovers

What’s for Dinner? Week 43 2014

  • Mon 20th Oct – Cannelloni
  • Tues 21st Oct – Leftover Canelloni
  • Weds 22nd Oct – oven veg with couscous and fish
  • Thurs 23rd Oct- chicken osso buco in the slow cooker
  • Friday 24th Oct – eat out

What’s for Dinner? Week 32 2014

The paleo is going well as long as I’m organised. here’s the menu for this week

What’s for Dinner? Week 31 2014

Wow I can believe that i have not posted a meal plan in SO long- since April! I got a lot of bargains at the turkish supermarket yesterday and will need to just buy some fresh fish later in the week. I’m trying to eat paleo for a month, which is going pretty well although I find breakfasts very hard. I’ll keep going!

  • Sun 27th July – grilled lamb chops with corn on the cob and swiss chard
  • Mon 28th July – leftover lasagne
  • Tues 29th July – prawn stir fry with mixed veg
  • Weds 30th July – Jamie Oliver’s Veg. Chile
  • Thurs 31st July – white fish with teriyaki sauce
  • Friday 1st August – homemade pizza napoli

What’s for Dinner? Week 16 2014

Just 3 days to plan for this week because we on holidays for a few days and will be taking easy things like bbq things, salad and ravioli with us.

  • Mon 14th April – chicken curry
  • Tues 15th April – leftover chicken curry
  • Weds 16th April  – sushi

What’s for Dinner? Week 15 2014

  • Mon 14th April – homemade fried chicken and salad
  • Tues 15th April – yoyo (you’re on your own)
  • Weds 16th April  – lasagne
  • Thurs 17th April – leftover lasagne
  • Fri 18th April – cod and asparagus with couscous
  • Sat 19th April – wedges and ribs with salad
  • Easter Sun 20th April- veg quiche and salad
  • Mon 21st April – chicken curry (we have visitors and didnt know what to make)

What’s for Dinner? Week 14 2014

This week we’re using stuff up

  • Sun 30th march – fresh oven-baked salmon in cream, dill and tomato sauce with gratin potatoes and cauliflower and carrots
  • Mon 1st April – homemade currywurst with breadrolls
  • Tues 2nd April – Quiche with zucchini and salad (not made from last week- better get a move on before those zucchini grow legs and walk out by themselves!)
  • Weds 3rd April  – leftover quiche with Bauernsalat (recipe to follow)
  • Thurs 4th April – Jamie Oliver’s 12hr Rabbit Bolognese (from the freezer) with pasta
  • Fri 5th April – Rabbit Bolognese (from the freezer) with pasta

What’s for Dinner? Week 13 2014

Oh no! A whole head of lovely broccoli turned that funky yellow-green colour in the fridge. Uh oh! The honey chicken in the crockpot turned out to be very sweet. I think honey and apricot and mustard with ribs would taste better probably.

  • Sat 22nd March – Steaks, wedges and salad
  • Sun 23rd march – roast chicken, potatoes, carrots, spinach and gravy
  • Mon 24th March – sushi
  • Tues 25th March – quiche with zucchini and salad
  • Weds 19th March  – Leftovers from Monday’s roast
  • Thurs 20th March – yoyo
  • Fri 21st March – yoyo
  • Sat 22nd March – salmon with teriyaki sauce

What’s for Dinner? Week 12 2014

Last week we ate pretty well and definitely followed the menu plan almost to the letter. Last night we had tapas as our date night and ordered too much – oops!

  • Sun 16th March – Roast beef or Pork
  • Mon 17th March – Irish Steaks (well, it IS St. Patrick’s Day) OR do after-work drinks and eat something in the bar.
  • Tues 18th March – Leftovers from Monday’s roast
  • Weds 19th March  – Honey Chicken made in the slow cooker with salad (not made from last week)
  • Thurs 20th March – Leftover Honey Chicken
  • Fri 21st March – White fish in thai red curry with noodles.
  • Sat 22nd March – (spontaneous weekend away) if self catering ready-made Maultaschen/Ravioli with bag-salad

What’s for Dinner? Week 11 2014

I’m relatively organised for the start of the week. Last week, (as you can tell because there was no entry!) I was not at all organised and my boyfriend took care of everything. Maybe it was as a result of our weekend trip to Berlin.

  • Mon 10th March – Mousakka (sauce being made in the slow cooker as an experiment) with couscous
  • Tues 11th March – Leftover Mousakka
  • Weds 12th March  – Honey Chicken in the slow cooker with salad
  • Thurs 13th March – Chickpea curry
  • Fri 14th March – Salmon Teriyaki with rice and veg
  • Sat 15th March – Chicken or turkey fajitas

What’s for Dinner? Week 9 2014

I prepared some things at the weekend to make life easier at the start of the week.

  • Sun 23rd Feb – Fresh Fish with spinach and carrots and gratin potatoes
  • Mon 24th Feb – Gnocchi in baby tomato sauce (made in the slow cooker with half a carton of passata and a couple of handfuls of cherry tomatoes which were otherwise going to start decomposting in the fridge).
  • Tues 25th Feb – Leftover Simple Crock Chicken with leftover gratin potatoes
  • Weds 25th Feb – Chickpea curry
  • Thurs 26th Feb – Salmon Teriyaki with rice and veg
  • Fri 27th Feb – Date night, eat out

What’s for Dinner? Week 8 2014

Since I was sick this time last week and this weekend I was at my course, my boyfriend has been taking care of the menu planning for last week and the week ahead.

  • Sun 16th Feb – Eat out
  • Mon 17th Feb – Stirfry with leftover char siu pork from Saturday
  • Tues 18th Feb – Mousakka
  • Weds 19th Feb – Leftover Mousakka
  • Thurs 20th Feb – prawns, mango and spinach with tagliatelle noodles
  • Fri 21st Feb – Slow cooker greek chicken with salad

What’s for Dinner? Week 6 2014

Not too much wastage last week, just one flatbread and one slice of white bread. I brought my lunch every day except 1. The freezer is almost completely empty :D I used my Char Siu drippings in my make-it-up-as-you-go-along MaPo tofu sauce. It was a definite hit!

  • Saturday 1st Feb – Ate out in the local turkish restaurant
  • Sunday 2nd Feb – Crock Pot Savoury Beef Stew with Sweet potato (a new recipe!) – not made from last week
  • Mon 20th Jan – Pasta with bolognese-style sauce
  • Tues 21st Jan – Leftover Pasta
  • Weds 22nd Jan – Chicken Curry
  • Thurs 23rd Jan – Leftover Chicken Curry
  • Fri 24th Jan – Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce and veg

What’s for Dinner? Week 5 2014

Can you believe it’s the last week of January already? I skipped last week’s menu planning entirely – says a huge amount about my non-organisation for the week. I had to leave the whole thing in the more than capable hands of my boyfriend – how and ever that means we eat a lot more of the kinds of things that he likes to eat (bbq ribs and wedges with burgers). Almost no vegetable in sight! I did try to sneak in a little bit of salad on the side wherever I could. This week though, things are different :) I present to you our menu plan for this week. I’m still on a mission to clear out the freezer so’s I can defrost it.

  • Saturday 25th Jan – Fish and chips (from the freezer) with a little salad
  • Sunday th Jan – Roast Chicken with oven roast veg and gratin potatoes
  • Mon 20th Jan – Simple Chickpea Curry with Basmati Rice (not made from last week and already made in the fridge marinading)
  • Tues 21st Jan – Simple stir-fry with leftover roast chicken and peppers with sauce from previous char siu meal (frozen)
  • Weds 22nd Jan – MaPo Tofu (not made from last week) with some spinach on the side
  • Thurs 23rd Jan – Crock Pot Savoury Beef Stew with Sweet potato (a new recipe!)
  • Fri 24th Jan – Leftover Crock Pot Savoury Beef Stew with Sweet potato

What’s for Dinner? Week 3 2014

Whoops, well, last week was a bit of a disaster zone and this week I have ALL the veg from last week to use up before it goes off. It feels like a bit of a race against waste. But there are some wonderful things in there, like spinach and mango, so I’m not at all complaining! I also came across this recipe for Carrot and Courgette Salad and is going on my must-try list. Anything from the Avoca café cookbook is great. On Friday we ate a currywurst out and on Saturday we had a lunch in a Japanese restaurant which was wonderful. We hadn’t eaten out at all since we came back so I felt we should have a date :) The week before I also had the premier of the slow cooker being home alone and the place didn’t burn down, dinner was a success! So once again, thumbs up for the slow cooker :)

  • Saturday 18th Jan – Steak and salad with potato wedges (frozen)
  • Sunday 19th Jan – Roast Chicken with spinach and green beans
  • Mon 20th Jan – Stirfry with leftover roast chicken and leeks
  • Tues 21st Jan – MaPo Tofu
  • Weds 22nd Jan – Beef Burgers
  • Thurs 23rd Jan – Simple Chickpea Curry with Basmati Rice
  • Fri 24th Jan – Leftover simple Chickpea Curry with Basmati Rice

What’s for Dinner? Week 1 2014

Wow 2014 is here! Happy new year everyone! This week for menu planning I am taking the cue from my pantry and freezer trying to take stock and use things up particularly in the freezer as it is not a happy bunny right now. For my first two days back in work I started the new year by taking my lunch to work with me both days and I will be making a crockpot minnestrone soup for some lunches for us this week along with:

  • Saturday 4th Jan -Mushroom Cannelloni and salad
  • Sunday 5th Jan – Roast duck legs with veg
  • Mon 6th Jan – leftover Canneloni from Saturday
  • Tues 7th Jan – oven-baked fish and veg gratin with wedges
  • Weds 8th Jan – gulasch with spaetzle
  • Thurs 9th Jan – lazy pizza and chips
  • Fri 10th Jan – date night – eat out

Have a good week everyone!

What’s for Dinner? Week 51 2013

There are still a few leftovers in the freezer, so we’re going to be using up what we have this week and then when we run out, enjoy the Christmas markets.

  • Saturday 14th December    |  Dinner:  provided by my boyfriend’s work  |  Lunch: weekend filled breadrolls brunch
  • Sunday 15th December    |  Dinner:  Half an ethically-raised chicken roasted with veg |  Lunch: soup and rolls
  • Monday 16th December  |  Dinner:  Simple pasta Dinner |  Lunch: Ulster Fry Brunch (inviting a friend)
  • Tuesday 17th December  |  Dinner:  Simple pasta leftovers |  Lunch: Salad
  • Wednesday 18th December   |  Dinner:  Beef Gulasch with red peppers |  Lunch: Chicken Soup
  • Thursday 19th December   |  Dinner:  Beef Gulasch with red peppers and spaetzle |  Lunch: inviting intern for last lunch
  • Friday 20th December   |  Dinner:  Christmas Market Dinner |  Lunch: Egg Salad
  • Saturday 21st December   |  Dinner:  Meeting friends for Christmas Market Dinner |  Lunch: Egg Salad

What’s for Dinner? Week 50 2013

With quite a large surplus of food from last week, all I had to buy this week was lunch things for my boyfriend and some peppers and broccoli! Having last monday off meant that I found a marked-down chicken in the supermarket for €2,50. It went into the freezer to be enjoyed this week. I will also

  • Sunday 8th December    |  Dinner:  oven-roast chicken |  Lunch: lahmacun with rocket
  • Monday 9th December  |   Dinner:  | Homemade burgers |  Lunch: carrot and kidney bean soup (not made from last week)
  • Tuesday 26th December   |   Dinner:  balsamic sesame chicken with peppers, broccoli and rice   |  Lunch: carrot and kidney bean soup (not made from last week)
  • Wednesday 27th December  |   Dinner:  Roast Pork with mushrooms |  Lunch: couscous with roast veg (extra from last night)
  • Thursday 28th December   |   Work Christmas Party (free dinner for me!)
  • Friday 29th December|   Dinner: fish from the oven with spinach and veggies (not made from last week)

What’s for Dinner? Week 47 2013

  • Saturday 17th November    |   Dinner: steak and baby-leaf spinach salad |  Lunch: brunch :S
  • Sunday 18th November    |  Dinner: scallops with oven-roast veg  |  Lunch: fried egg n bacon sandwich
  • Monday 19th November  |   Dinner: homemade burgers   |  Lunch: homemade pumpkin and sweet potato soup
  • Tuesday 20th November   |   Dinner: baked fish with steamed broccoli|  Lunch: homemade pumpkin soup
  • Wednesday 21st November  |   Dinner: fish from the oven with spinach and veggies |  Lunch: salad
  • Thursday 22nd November   |   Dinner: chickpea curry |  Lunch: cheese sandwich
  • Friday 23rd November |   Dinner: date night, simple dinner out  |  Lunch: meeting a friend for lunch

What’s for Dinner? Week 48 2013

  • Sunday 24th November    |  Dinner: slow-cooker roast chicken  |  Lunch: brunch bacon and pancakes
  • Monday 25th November  |   Dinner: chicken curry with chicken leftovers  |  Lunch: couscous and roast veg (made with sunday dinner)
  • Tuesday 26th November   |   Dinner: dinner out (anniversary)  |  Lunch: salad lunch at home (half day off)
  • Wednesday 27th November  |   Dinner: fish from the oven with spinach and veggies |  Lunch: salad
  • Thursday 28th November   |   Dinner: parents visiting – either pasta dinner in or takeaway |  Lunch: cheese sandwich
  • Friday 29th November |   Dinner: simple dinner out or takeaway  |  Lunch: carrot and kidney bean soup & sandwiches
  • Saturday 30th November |   Dinner: simple dinner out or takeaway  |  Lunch: salad and bread

What’s for Dinner? Week 47 2013

  • Saturday 17th November    |   Dinner: steak and baby-leaf spinach salad |  Lunch: brunch :S
  • Sunday 18th November    |  Dinner: scallops with oven-roast veg  |  Lunch: fried egg n bacon sandwich
  • Monday 19th November  |   Dinner: homemade burgers   |  Lunch: homemade pumpkin and sweet potato soup
  • Tuesday 20th November   |   Dinner: baked fish with steamed broccoli|  Lunch: homemade pumpkin soup
  • Wednesday 21st November  |   Dinner: fish from the oven with spinach and veggies |  Lunch: salad
  • Thursday 22nd November   |   Dinner: chickpea curry |  Lunch: cheese sandwich
  • Friday 23rd November |   Dinner: date night, simple dinner out  |  Lunch: meeting a friend for lunch

What’s for Dinner? Week 40 2013

  • Saturday 9th November    |   Dinner: homemade quiche and salad |  Lunch: big open-faced sandwich brunch
  • Sunday 10th November    |  Dinner: bbq ribs in the slow cooker|  Lunch: fried egg n bacon brunch (we’re lying in this weekend in case you didn’t notice!!)
  • Monday 11th November  |   Dinner: leftover homemade quiche, salad and veggies |  Lunch: homemade soup
  • Tuesday 12th November   |   Dinner: baked gnocchi with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes in a herby garlicy tomato sauce |  Lunch: homemade soup
  • Wednesday 13th November  |   Dinner: fish from the oven with spinach and veggies |  Lunch: salad
  • Thursday 14th November   |   Dinner: chickpea curry |  Lunch: provided for by work
  • Friday 15th November |   Dinner: date night, simple dinner out  |  Lunch: meeting a friend for lunch

What’s for Dinner? Week 39 2013

  • Saturday 3rd November    |   visiting parents
  • Sunday 4th November    |  visiting parents
  • Monday 5th November  |   Dinner: Pasta |  Lunch: sandwich
  • Tuesday 6th November   |   Dinner: Salmon and veggies|  Lunch: provided by work
  • Wednesday 7th November  |   Dinner: leftover pasta |  Lunch: granny’s chicken soup
  • Thursday 8th November   |   Dinner: homemade quiche and salad |  Lunch: granny’s chicken soup
  • Friday 9th November |   Dinner: leftover homemade quiche and salad|  Lunch: homemade salad

What’s for Dinner? Week 38 2013

Whoops I did NO menu plan at all last week! And it really showed throughout the week with an empty lunchbox from Monday to Friday! This was really disappointing in the end because I’m kind of broke this week and was wasting money on takeaway sandwiches. We have a lot of pork to use up before we go home on Wednesday :S I have to say I’m loving the slow cooker and am becoming more confident that I could leave it on low while we are at work.

  • Saturday 26th October    |   Dinner: homemade pizza and salad   |  Lunch: lunch out
  • Sunday 27th October    |   Dinner: slow cooker bbq pulled pork  |  Lunch: carrot and sweet potato soup (from the freezer)
  • Monday 28th October   |   Dinner: Leftover pork curry from Friday with veggies and rice |  Lunch: salad
  • Tuesday 29th October   |   Dinner: Slow cooker bbq pulled pork|  Lunch: provided by work
  • Wednesday 30th October  |   Dinner: salmon en croute with steamed veggies |  Lunch: leftovers of work lunch
  • Thursday 31st October   |   visiting parents
  • Friday 1st Nov   |   visiting parents

What’s for Dinner? Week 36 2013

As the week gone by contained a national holiday day and I didn’t have to resort to eating out, I think this week has been pretty much a success :) As an update, The Moroccan lamb was a hit last week and the thermos food jar is being used twice a week. After that, himself gets bored of the soup, which is understandable. Here’s the plan to keep up the good work for next week:

  • Saturday 5th October    |   Dinner: salad, steak and chips   |  Lunch: brunch in hotel
  • Sunday 6th October    |   Dinner: Egyptian chicken thighs cooked in the oven  |  Lunch: brunch in hotel
  • Monday 7th October   |   Dinner: Home made sushi |  Lunch: homemade butternut-squash soup
  • Tuesday 8th October   |   Dinner: Pasta |  Lunch: provided by work
  • Wednesday 9th October   |   Dinner: leftover Pasta |  Lunch: leftovers of work lunch
  • Thursday 10th October   |   Dinner: cod and steamed veg |  Lunch: broccoli pasta salad
  • Friday 11th October   |   Dinner: frozen pizza |  Lunch: home-made salad box

What’s for Dinner? Week 35 2013

This week was a better attempt than last week, with me taking lunch half the week. When the weather is so cool, it’s uncomfortable to sit outside and I don’t like that where I have to sit when I bring my own lunch. It is beside those colleagues who like to interrupt me from my lunch to ask questions about work! So definitely a fair effort this week. I did have to throw out two tortillas and a slice of white pan.

Saturday 28th September    |   Dinner: moroccan lamb tagine with salad and couscous   |  Lunch: on the hoof

Sunday  29th September |  Dinner: char siu pork|  Lunch: pumpkin and sweet potato soup

Monday 30th September  |  Dinner: beefburgers  |  Lunch: leftover lasagne

Tuesday 1st October |  Dinner: salmon teriyaki, rice and veg |  Lunch: cream cheese sandwich

Wednesday 2nd October |  Dinner: char siu pork|  Lunch: leftover pumpkin and sweet potato soup

Thursday 3rd October (national holiday) Dinner:  home-made sushi  | Lunch: omelettes

Friday 4th October (national holiday) Dinner: date night|  Lunch: ravioli

What’s for Dinner? Week 34 2013

Last week was a disaster with Thursday night being crisp sandwiches for dinner. We were both working very late. Although I have to say I did really well with bringing my lunch to work. Yesterday a friend and I met for lunch and both brought our own packed lunches. It’s so nice to have a friend that doesn’t judge you and that you can just be yourself with and don’t have to act a certain pretentious way with.

I also just bought a wide-rimmed food thermos for my boyfriend from Amazon (approx. €40):

just under half a litre capacity

This is so as he can bring hot food with him to work. He doesn’t get very long for his lunchbreak (apparently not long enough to queue to heat something up and eat it), there is no healthy option for him to buy hot food at lunch time (just a greasy chip van) and therefore just eats either sugary things, fruit and yoghurt. I am concerned about this because I think it’s not enough for him to eat. He often comes home and eats half a white pan with a large bag of crisps. Not good. So now this is happening! I will make stews and chillis and soups for him (and I) to take with us so as we get something good to eat. We have plenty of microwaves, so I’m fine with basic tupperware.

Here is my plan for the week ahead:

  • Saturday 7th September    |   Dinner: lamb chops and sweet potatoes with spinach and carrots |  Lunch: salad and meatballs
  • Sunday 8th September   |   Dinner: roast chicken dinner with roast parsnip, potatoes and broccoli |  Lunch:  Wholesome leek and tomato soup with cream cheese and meatballs.
  • Monday 9th September    |   Dinner: leftover chicken vindaloo  |  Lunch: lentil stew (still in the freezer)
  • Tuesday 10th September   |   Dinner: beef burgers|  Lunch: agency lunch
  • Wednesday 11th September  |   Dinner: chicken stir-fry with soy sauce and rice |  Lunch: agency lunch leftovers
  • Thursday 12th September |   Dinner: texas pfanne  |  Lunch: lentil stew leftovers
  • Friday 13th September –  Dinner:  paella (not made from last week)  |  Lunch: meet a friend

What’s for Dinner? Week 33 2013

The last visitors are now away and I can’t think at all about a menu plan. Below is a VERY rough menu plan for the week :S

  • Saturday 7th September    |   Dinner: eat out |  Lunch: sandwiches at home
  • Sunday 8th September   |   Dinner: eat out |  Lunch: sandwiches at home
  • Monday 9th September    |   Dinner: cod and chips  |  Lunch: salad
  • Tuesday 10th September   |   Dinner: cauliflower bake with marinated pork chops |  Lunch: meeting a friend for lunch
  • Wednesday 11th September  |   Dinner: gyros and flatbreads not made from last week  |  Lunch: lentil stew
  • Thursday 12th September |   Dinner:  breaded chicken with simple boiled veg   |  Lunch: lentil stew leftovers
  • Friday 13th September –  Dinner:  paella   |  Lunch: salad

What’s for Dinner? Week 32 2013

Since I was traveling last week with my family, I have decided to skip the menu plan for that. What’s done is done :) We barbecued twice and ate out three times during our trip, which was fine. So, forward planning for the upcoming week we have:

  • Saturday 31st August    |   Dinner: battered cod and salad with chips |  Lunch: leftovers from yesterday
  • Sunday 1st September   |   Dinner: roast chicken  |  Lunch: quiche and salad
  • Monday 2nd September    |   Dinner: leftover chicken in thai red curry with noodles and frozen veg  |  Lunch: leftover quiche
  • Tuesday 3rd September   |   Dinner: mousakka  |  Lunch: agency lunch
  • Wednesday 4th September  |   Dinner: leftover mousakka  |  Lunch: sandwich
  • Thursday 5th September |   Dinner: gyros and flatbreads  |  Lunch: salad
  • Friday 6th September – the last visitors arrive, eating out for two days.

What’s for Dinner? Week 31 2013

Last week just gone I did amazingly well with bringing my lunch to work. In fact, an all-time record breaker. Every day this week!

  • Sunday 11th August  | Dinner: roast chicken, corn on the cob, spinach
  • Monday 12th August  |   Dinner: leftover chicken in an indian butter chicken sauce with basmati rice |  Lunch: lentil and carrot salad with lettuce
  • Tuesday 13th August   |   Dinner: tortellonis with insalate caprese  |   Lunch:  crudités and leftover indian dip
  • Wednesday 14th August  |  Dinner:  tofu in a thai red curry with noodles |  Lunch: tortellonis
  • Thursday 15th August |   will probably be traveling to a funeral for the day (will be packing my thermos).
  • Friday 16th August   | Dinner: squid with chorizo, borlotti beans and leeks   |  Lunch: cold pasta salad with chicken

What’s for Dinner? Week 30 2013

I have been doing amazingly well with bringing lunch to work, almost every day this week I brought my own food.
This week we have visitors but will not be eating out with them. My intern is on holiday so I will have almost complete freedom to just eat my own lunch in peace.

  • Sunday 4th August  | Dinner: steak, sweet potato wedges and salad
  • Monday 5th August  |   Dinner: canneloni |  Lunch: oven roast veg with couscous
  • Tuesday 6th August   |   Dinner: leftover canneloni   |   Lunch:  frikadelle with pasta salad
  • Wednesday 7th August  |  Dinner:  salmon and spinach |  Lunch: cheese sandwich
  • Thursday 8th August |   Dinner:  lunch will be dinner   |  Lunch: cold pasta salad with chicken
  • Friday 9th August   |  Dinner: dinner at lunchtime   |  Lunch: simple salad

What’s for Dinner? Week 29 2013

This week was much better, and I even brought my lunch to work with me every day except for one day where I met a friend. That is much more in line with my idea of curbing the lunchtime crowd. This week I also finally invested in a thermos flask which has already been great for picnics in the park. I also have a large wave of visitors coming to visit from now until the first week in September and I want to be prepared so as we are not eating out multiple times a week.

  • Monday 22nd July   |   Dinner: lamb kofteh with grilled aubergines  |  Lunch: hummous and vegetables with bread
  • Tuesday 23rd July   |   Dinner: paella   |   Lunch: leftover kofteh
  • Wednesday 24th July   |  Dinner:  homemade pizza |  Lunch: chickpea salad
  • Thursday 25th July*  |   Dinner:  salmon and spinach   |  Lunch: salad sandwich with cream cheese
  • Friday 26th July*   |  Dinner: burgers |  Lunch: lentil and carrot salad

What’s for Dinner? Week 28 2013

I’m only getting around to writing this now :S That shows how disorganised I am at the moment! I had to throw away another packet of mince and some mett which I am very embarassed about. I hate throwing away meat and have mentioned it to my boyfriend too that we should have frozen it on time. What a waste! Ok, moving on…

  • Monday 15th July   |   Dinner: grilled cod and broccoli with rice  |  Lunch: salad with feta cheese
  • Tuesday 16th July   |   Dinner: pork neck steaks and chips with roast veg |   Lunch: with colleague
  • Wednesday 17th July   |  Dinner:  chicken curry and rice |  Lunch: salad with feta cheese
  • Thursday 18th July  |   Dinner:  burgers   |  Lunch: salad sandwich with cream cheese
  • Friday 19th July   |  Dinner: paella  |  Lunch: lentil and carrot salad

What’s for Dinner? Week 27 2013

I had to throw out a portion of the pasta from the week previous, it was just too much! Last week we did end up eating “meat and bread” on more than two occasions which I will take more care of not to do this week. On Tuesday it is my birthday (a big birthday too!) so we will be celebrating a few times this week.

  • Saturday 6th July –  bbq (camping at the baltic sea). We had Grillfackeln (marinaded bacon-belly twists) and chicken with garlic bread. Unfortunately no veggies there at all :(
  • Sunday 7th July – lunch out, dinner: marinated grilled steaks and salad
  • Monday 8th July   |   Dinner: grilled cod and broccoli with rice  |  Lunch: broccoli, feta and cherry tomato salad
  • Tuesday 9th July   |   Dinner:  my birthday (go out for dinner)   |   Lunch: sandwich
  • Wednesday 10th July   |  Dinner:  Ginger and garlic Asian-style tofu with noodles and stir fry veg (frozen)  |  Lunch: will be provided (out of office)
  • Thursday 11th July  |   Dinner:  pub grub (throwing a party with some colleagues and friends in a local irish bar)   |  Lunch: Lunch out with colleagues
  • Friday 12th July   |  Dinner: Celebrating my birthday in Cuxhaven (staying overnight returning Sunday)

What’s for Dinner? Week 26 2013

I don’t know how it was possible but we made an absolute mountain of pasta sauce last week. I’m already fed up eating it (although it is one of my ultimate comfort foods!). What I do there is usually add a “new” side or a glass of wine or kind of pasta to make it appealing again :) Making some lunch things in advance on Sunday has been a great success to try to avoid buying my lunch every day. Monday to Wednesday are my biggest success weeks.

  • Saturday 29th June –  steaks, wedges and salad.
  • Sunday 30th June – chicken breasts (on offer), carrots and green beans
  • Monday 1st July
    Dinner: Pasta (there is still a mountain of pasta sauce left over from last week) with garlic bread
    Lunch: Salad and mini veggie burgers
  • Tuesday 2nd July
    Dinner: Asian-style tofu and prawns with noodles and veg
    Lunch: (pre-paid colleague get-together lunch)
  • Wednesday 3rd July
    Dinner:  Pasta
    Lunch: Sandwich with cream cheese
  • Thursday 4th July
    Dinner:  simple salmon with rice and steamed veg
    Lunch: Sandwich with cream cheese
  • Friday 5th July
    Dinner:date night, eat out
    Lunch:out of office – will be provided

What’s for Dinner? Week 25 2013

Well with one birthday over and one to come in our house it was quite a week. And now for next week!

  • Saturday 22nd June – steaks and salad
  • Sunday 23rd June – ribs and green beans
  • Monday 24th June – salmon and steamed veg
  • Tuesday 25th June – lamb kofteh and roast oven veg
  • Wednesday 26th June – pizza
  • Thursday 27th June – pasta
  • Friday 28th June – pasta

What’s for Dinner? Week 24 2013

Whoops! I skipped a whole week! How did that happen? Well, I’ll tell you : that is how crazy this week has been! I didn’t have one single day of a home-packed lunch last week :( Since Thursday last week I have had visitors and we ate out a lot, but we also barbecued in the park one day too. But I’m getting back up on the horse with a brand new menu plan for the week:

Monday 10th June 2013 – Cannelloni

Tuesday 11th June – Sausages (not eaten from the weekend’s barbecue) with salad and bread

Wednesday 12th June – Leftover Cannelloni

Thursday 13th June –  Seafood Paella

Friday 14th June – barbecued meat and veg (going camping weather permitting)

What’s for Dinner? Week 22 2013

Hello again, I am back home from our holidays in Canada. We didn’t food plan so much on holidays, just rolling with whatever was on special offer for two or three days at a time, and trying to keep our costs down as far as possible. Back to the old drawing board this week though with proper meal planning :)

Monday 27th – Maultaschen and spinach salad

Tues 28th – Beef burgers

Weds 29th – Chickpea Curry and rice

Thurs 30th – Leftover Chickpea Curry and rice

Fri 31st – Homemade Pizza

What’s for Dinner? Week 17 2013

Dear oh dear – a terrible food waste week! Two portions of organic pumpkin soup down the drain (neither of us enjoyed it because the pumpkin smelled a bit musty), beautiful mussel stock (i had no time to make anything with it and did not think to freeze it on time), a half a loaf really beautiful bread :( Perhaps I can salvage some croutons out of it. So moving forward, here is our “plan” for this week coming. “Plan” is kind of a loose term the last few weeks. I think since work has been less busy I have just taken the foot off the gas as far as being organised.

  • Saturday 6th April  –  Leftover pasta
  • Sunday 7th April – Fresh Cod + potatoes + spinach
  • Monday 8th April –  Chicken in salsa with flatbreads and peppers (slowly clearing out the freezer not made from last week)
  • Tuesday 9th April – Simple pasta arrabiata (peeled, chopped, fresh tomatoes+passata+chilli+garlic+olive oil not made from last week)
  • Wednesday 10th April – zucchini bake
  • Thursday 11th April – stir fry with prawns and bok choi
  • Friday 5th April –  breaded fish and salad

What’s for Dinner? Week 16 2013

My boyfriend told me last week that he really enjoyed eating cut up raw vegetables, so I’m taking this on board to do more often. I hardly had to cook at all last week because there were so many leftovers (that we were happy to eat!). You’ll notice that I’m trying not to eat so much meat.

  • Saturday 6th April  –  Moules-frites
  • Sunday 7th April – Steaks, couscous and salad
  • Monday 8th April –  Chicken in salsa with flatbreads (slowly clearing out the freezer)
  • Tuesday 9th April – pasta bolognese
  • Wednesday 10th April – leftover pasta bolognese
  • Thursday 11th April – schnitzel and chips
  • Friday 5th April – ate out

What’s for Dinner? Week 15 2013

At last a long weekend just to relax :)  Here’s what’s on our menu this week…

  • Saturday 30th  –  cannelloni
  • Sunday 31st March – Easter Sunday – Out for a drive – Eat Out
  • Monday 1st April – leftover cannelloni
  • Tuesday 2nd April – prawn and noodle stirfry with bokchoi (not made from last week)
  • Wednesday 3rd April – quiche and chips (not made from last week)
  • Thursday 4th April – lamb kofteh and tabbouleh
  • Friday 5th April – salmon in filo pastry with salad

What’s for Dinner? Week 14 2013

Oh, oh oh. I had to dispose of a squishy little tomato and a mouldy aubergine :( Both of which could have been quickly diced up and put into the mousakka… but anyway it was an otherwise quite good week.

  • Saturday 23rd March – frozen pizzas (i cant be bothered today!)
  • Sunday 24th – Scallops and steamed veg with potatoes
  • Monday 25th – chicken pockets with pan fried veg and wild rice
  • Tuesday 26th – pork curry
  • Wednesday 27th – turkey mango peanut sate (not made from last week)
  • Thursday 28th – hotdogs
  • Friday 29th – cod and salad (not made from last week)

What’s for Dinner? Week 13 2013

We did a lot better on food waste this week, with just some mushroom gnocchi getting thrown out (because my boyfriend didn’t much care for the creamy sauce). I feel a little bit like the “leftover police” at the moment, but I especially hate to throw meat into the bin.

  • Saturday 16th March – leftover char siu pork stir fry with mangetout and shitake mushrooms
  • Sunday 17th – Eat out to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day
  • Monday 18th – (mousakka not made from last week, my boyfriend made burgers with the meat instead)
  • Tuesday 19th – leftover mousakka
  • Wednesday 20th – chicken peanut sate
  • Thursday 21st – prawn and noodle stirfry
  • Friday 22nd – cod and salad


What’s for Dinner? Week 12 2013

We had a huge amount of food leftover from the previous week and I am doing by best to use it up but it really feels like I’m losing the race! But isn’t it a nice complaint to have too much food to know what to do with it?

  • Saturday 9th March – chicken salad
  • Sunday 10th – Eat out (fish)
  • Monday 11th – Leftover roast beef and broccoli stir-fry with noodles or rice (not made from last week, but it was still good to eat).
  • Tuesday 12th – char siu pork
  • Wednesday 13th – mousakka
  • Thursday 14th – leftover char siu pork
  • Friday 15th – leftover mousakka

What’s for Dinner? Week 11 2013

I have to say, when I do get “back on the bandwagon”, I make a great effort! I did not eat out for lunch at all this week and took the bus home twice because I was working so late. And I’m very happy with that! I’m trying to keep our budget to €50 per week for march for both of us, just to see how we go. I spent just over €40 on groceries and will have to top up mid-week at some stage.

  • Saturday 2nd March – Homemade Pizza (recipe for the dough on my recipe page). With mozzarella, proscuitto and mushrooms.
  • Sunday 3rd – Roast beef dinner
  • Monday 4th – Leftover roast beef and broccoli stir-fry with noodles or rice
  • Tuesday 5th – pasta (recipe on my recipe page)
  • Wednesday 6th – leftover pasta
  • Thursday 7th – cod and steamed vegetables
  • Friday 8th – Eating out (visitor)

What’s for Dinner? Week 10 2013

Gosh I just noticed I skipped a week last week from the 16th – 22nd! I didn’t realise it was so hectic at work, but it must have been! My boyfriend has been taking care of dinner and as a result I am not at all on top of our food rotation.

Today I sadly threw out some forgotten pasta sauce (I especially hate to waste meat) but rescued a most of a whole fresh garlic that had started to grow itself a nice blue coat :S The fridge got a quick scrub! I quickly found a use for an opened tin of coconut milk and half a carton of passata that didn’t have long left and made them into some curried carrot, red lentil and coconut soup. To be honest it’s not my finest soup creation, but I’m happy I didn’t waste the coconut milk and is kind of a free lunch!

  • Sat 23rd – steak, couscous and salad
  • Sun 24th – roast chicken with baked zucchini and roast potatoes
  • Mon 25th – chicken curry and brown rice
  • Tues 26th – veggie quiche
  • Weds 27th – roast pumpkin with oven-baked cod and broccoli
  • Thurs 28th – simple spaghetti arrabiata
  • Fri 29th – fried calamari and salad with savoury rice

What’s for Dinner? Week 8 2013

Epic fail week: shame on me! I have thrown out SO much food today- half a block of beautiful organic tofu that went slimy and sour (not cut up and frozen on time!), half a loaf of home-baked bread (that didn’t bake right on the inside), and my home-brought salad lunch on Friday because I forgot I would have the rare treat of having lunch with an old friend who was going to be in town for one day :( I’m on a mission to do much better this week! Here’s how our menu plan looks this week.

  • Sat 9th – burgers and chips
  • Sun 10th – (frozen) lamb medallions with potatoes and veg
  • Mon 11th – turkey mango stew
  • Tues 12th – chicken in an asian coconutty noodley soup with peppers (not made from last week)
  • Weds 13th – frozen pizza and chips
  • Thurs 14th – chickpea and spinach curry
  • Fri 15th – fish and steamed veg

What’s for Dinner? Week 7 2013

Last week I waayyyy overestimated the amount of food we had! We did well to use up the enchiladas and the roast pork all week, never mind the prawn curry! It would be a good menu to repeat if we had a lot of guests. My boyfriend was very happy to have the task of using up the leftover char siu :) It is really one of his favourite meals. We didn’t do a date night on friday, and don’t plan on eating out on Sunday. I also really want to try this simple and frugal recipe for carrot, cumin and kidney bean soup that i saw on the blog “a girl called jack” where she has a great section for how she does her food shop for her family of 3 for under £10 (which is around €12 or $15 USD).

This is going to be a week where I have very long nights at work, so I will need to prepare something more substantial for lunchtime. I try to get away around 9pm at the latest, as the others are ordering food when the work is 99% done. The company pays for it, but I would much prefer to be at home with my man than having a free meal. Therefore this week’s grocery list is going to be focused on quick and easy.

  • Sat 9th – gyros with avocado and cherry tomato salad with flatbreads
  • Sun 10th – venison medallions with potatoes and veg (splashing out on the venison, but certainly not as expensive as going out for dinner!)
  • Mon 11th – pasta (perhaps cannelloni not made from last week).
  • Tues 12th – leftover cannelloni
  • Weds 13th – frozen pizza and chips
  • Thurs 14th – chicken in coconutty noodley soup with peppers
  • Fri 15th – postponed valentines day meal out

What’s for Dinner? Week 6 2013

At the moment, we seem to prefer to cook something ourselves on friday nights, which is completely fine and leaves more for our entertainment budget. I need to replace a lot of pantry supplies and plan on making our own cake this week, because we have been buying a lot of shop-bought cake.

  • Mon 4th – Pad thai Noodles and prawns and tofu
  • Tues 5th – Char Siu Pork stir Fry with noodles
  • Weds 6th – Leftover Enchiladas
  • Thurs 7th – Leftover pork, prawns and tofu stir fried.
  • Fri 8th –  steak and chips

What’s for Dinner? Week 5 2013

This week I want to make a much bigger effort to bring my own lunch to work, I have had a very bad start to the year with the lunchtime crowd and as a result, I don’t have much money until payday. But thankfully I have a very well equipped pantry and it will not be a problem if I just get organized.

  • Mon 28th – Duck in hoisin sauce with rice pancakes and salad
  • Tues 29th – Roast Rabbit with roast potatoes and Pimientos de Padrón
  • Weds 30th – Cannelloni
  • Thurs 31st – Cannelloni
  • Fri 1st – Southern Fried Chicken and salad
  • Sat 2nd – Enchiladas
  • Sun 3rd – Char Siu Pork

What’s for Dinner? Week 4 2013

  • Mon 21st – Chicken Stirfry with broccoli
  • Tues 22nd – ribs and wedges
  • Wed 23rd – Chickpea Curry
  • Thur 24th – Fajitas
  • Fri 25th – frozen pizza
  • Sat 26th – leftover chickpea curry with basmati rice
  • Sun 27th – roast duck, potatoes and veg

What’s for Dinner? Week 3 2013

Sadly, I had to throw out bits and pieces from the fruit bowl, a jar of salsa and also two sausages last week :( To use up are salad items, carrots and a green pepper. I have a LOT of kefir left over so I think I will bake something with it.

  • Mon 14th – Burgers and salad
  • Tues 15th – Mousakka and rice
  • Weds 16th – Leftover Mousakka and rice
  • Thurs 17th – Prawn Stir-Fry
  • Fri 18th – Date night (go out to eat)
  • Sat 19th – Veggie Quiche
  • Sun 20th – Steaks

What’s for Dinner? Week 2 2013

I cleared up and made a little list of the things that we have in the store-cupboard to get an idea of what we should use up to cut down on spending on groceries in January.

  • Mon 7th Jan- Leftover Pasta
  • Tue 8th Jan – Chicken Stir-Fry
  • Weds 9th Jan – Chickpea Curry
  • Thu 3rd Jan – Chickpea Curry
  • Fri 4th Jan – Pizza and Chips
  • Sat 5th Jan –  Seasonal Fresh Fish
  • Sun 6th Jan – Steak with garlic butter and gratin potatoes

What’s for dinner? Week 1 2013

Sorry I’ve not been posting much what with being at home and all. We got off to a poor start to the week eating-out-wise because I forgot all about coming back for New Years eve and so there was nothing to eat in the house. I plan to put all that behind us now and attempt a “fresh wind” at menu planning in the new year by trying to clear out our store-cupboard.

  • Mon 31st Jan- New Year’s Eve (traveling) – eat out
  • Tue 1st Jan – cod, spinach and mixed root vegetables
  • Weds 2nd Jan – fried chicken and salad
  • Thu 3rd Jan – Pasta and Garlic Bread
  • Fri 4th Jan – Pasta and Garlic Bread
  • Sat 5th Jan –  Pork Gyros and rocket salad
  • Sun 6th Jan – Roast Chicken, polenta and steamed veg

***week 51 and 52 are over the holidays when I was not at home, so I guess that is 2 weeks off from Menu Planning and involved a lot  of turkey ;) ***

What’s for Dinner? Week 50 2012

Sa 15th rabbit, fennel roast pimentos.
Su 16th duck and shitake mushrooms with frozen spinach
Mo 17th cod teriyaki
Tu 18th  baked tortelloni
Wed 19th eat out

What’s For Dinner? Wk 49 2012

To use up: bag of potatoes, half a head of lettuce, half a bag of carrots.

I will also make a pot of leek and potato soup for lunches. I also bought some beetroots for pickling, inspired by this post from DownToEarth.

  • Sat 8th Dec – pasta and garlic bread
  • Sun 9th Dec – roast chicken
  • Mon 10th Dec- steamed cod with vegetables (not eaten from last week)
  • Tues 11th Dec – baked tortellonis with tomato slices and mozzarella
  • Wed 12th Dec  – leftover chicken
  • Thur 13th Dec – my work’s christmas party
  • Fri 14th Dec – eat at christmas market

What’s For Dinner? Wk 48 2012

To use up: two sweet potatoes, two heads of little gem lettuce, half a cucumber, two tomatoes

With Christmas coming, it gives me a bit of a push to use up what we have. I’m going to make some sweet potato soup and some simple cake-style  brownies with ground hazelnuts.

  • Sat 24th Nov – chicken sate with peppers and noodles
  • Sun 25th Nov – roast pork with potatoes, broccoli and carrots
  • Mon 26th Nov –  leftover chicken sate
  • Tues 27th Nov – stirfry with broccoli, black beans and leftover pork
  • Wed 28th Nov – pasta (from the freezer not used for moussaka last week)
  • Thur 29th Nov – steamed cod with vegetables
  • Fri 30th Nov – christmas market

What’s For Dinner? Wk 47 2012

To use up: 1 jar of salsa, two carrots, a cucumber, half a head of broccoli, two aubergines

I seem to have a lot of extra food this week and froze some chicken tikka masala that was leftover for my lunch. I also froze some leftover salsa that I made a while ago and will add some coriander to it to make some mexican rice, also as a brown-bag lunch.

  • Sat 24th Nov – gyros and flatbread with salad
  • Sun 25th Nov – anniversary dinner out
  • Mon 26th Nov –  maultaschen and salad
  • Tues 27th Nov – Mousakka and brown rice (not made from last week). I will use up and adapt some freezer bolognese sauce to save time.
  • Wed 28th Nov – seafood chowder and breadrolls (not made from last week)
  • Thur 29th Nov – leftover Mousakka
  • Fri 30th Nov – cod, salad and roast sweet potatoes

What’s For Dinner? Wk 46 2012

To use up: 1 jar of salsa, half a green pepper, half a cucumber, 1 carrot, half a bulb of fresh garlic,

Very good on the food-wastage this week- all there is left over are two dried out quarters of lemon from my lemon and poppyseed cake. The hotdogs were a great midweek quick supper, I never feel like that’s a real meal but it was so fast I will do it again. We used organic sausages and free’d up some space in the freezer where the hotdog buns were for a few months.

  • Sat 10th Nov – tortelloni bake with spinach and mozzarella (not made from last week)
  • Sun 11th Nov – roast chicken with rapa, carrots and potatoes
  • Mon 12th Nov –  mousakka and brown rice
  • Tues 13th Nov – chicken stir fry with noodles
  • Wed 14th Nov – mousakka and brown rice
  • Thurs 15th Nov – seafood chowder and breadrolls
  • Fri 16th Nov – Teriyaki Cod with veg and rice (not made from last week)

What’s For Dinner? Wk 45 2012

To use up: 2 jars of salsa, three tomatoes, small head of lettuce, half a green pepper

Also not a good day for food waste, I’d to throw away some very old thai green curry that we’d bought at the asian store. We just bought too much. I kept the container though. I also had to throw away almost an entire yellow pepper that had gone soggy in our vegetable crisper :(

  • Sat 10th Nov – Grilled Plaice Fillets and Salad
  • Sun 11th Nov – Steak and chips
  • Mon 12th Nov –  tortelloni bake
  • Tues 13th Nov – chicken and black bean fajitas (not made from last week)
  • Wed 14th Nov – Teriyaki Cod with veg and rice
  • Thurs 15th Nov – hotdogs
  • Fri 16th Nov – date night: eat out after work

What’s For Dinner? Wk 44 2012

To use up: 2 jars of salsa, three tomatoes

Week 43 I was visiting family, that’s why it’s not mentioned below. I was so ashamed to have to throw away so much food that was purchased the day before we left (more communication needed here!!!)

  • Sat 3rd Nov – filled gnocchi in a bolognese sauce
  • Sun 4th Nov – roast chicken, potatoes, broccoli, carrots
  • Mon 5th Nov –  spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread
  • Tues 6th Nov – chicken curry with peppers and brown rice
  • Wed 7th Nov – chicken and black bean fajitas with salad
  • Thurs 8th Nov – spaghetti bolognese (I made a LOT of this)
  • Fri 9th Nov – cod and chips with salad—

What’s For Dinner? Wk 42 2012

To use up: 2 jars of salsa, duck stock and chicken stock, 2 carrots

The baked canelloni was really great to take to work and was a quick dinner to heat up fast because I had to work very late twice last week.

  • Sat 2oth Oct – pumpkin soup, cod and patatas bravas with salad
  • Sun 21st Oct – roast beef, potatoes, broccoli, carrots
  • Mon 22nd Oct –  leftover beef and broccoli stir-fry with noodles and veg
  • Tues 23rd Oct – chicken curry with peppers and brown rice
  • Wed 24th Oct – leftover chicken curry
  • Thurs 25th Oct – hotdogs (not made last week)
  • Fri 26th Oct – chicken and black bean fajitas with salad

What’s For Dinner? Wk 41 2012

To use up: some lamb’s lettuce and romaine lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, 7up.

Last week went quite to plan except we made another curry towards the end of the week instead of the lasagne. At the weekend I will make some soup and some rice to take in with me to work. I would also like to make a simple cake for just us :)

  • Sat 13th oct – paella with brown rice
  • Sun 14th oct – roast chicken, potatoes
  • Mon 15th –  mushroomy-lasagne and salad (not made from week previous)
  • Tues 16th oct – leftover lasagne and chips (not made from week previous)
  • Wed 17th oct – fajitas (with black beans and salad)
  • Thurs 18th oct – hotdogs
  • Fri 19th oct –  go out to eat/takeaway—

What’s For Dinner? Wk 40 2012

To use up: a third of a bag of spinach, some UHT cream, a jar of salsa, a red pepper, a cucumber, homemade teriyaki sauce, 2 slices of cheese, a ball of mozzarella.

No eating out lasted until Friday (we went out to a jewish restaurant  – delicious!).

  • Sat 6th oct – palak chana 
  • Sun 7th oct – shredded duck in hoi sin sauce with rice pancakes & raw julienned veg
  • Mon 8th – teriyaki burgers with veg and rice
  • Tues 9th oct – lasagne and salad (not made from week previous)
  • Wed 10th oct – leftover lasagne and chips
  • Thurs 11th oct – fajitas
  • Fri 12th oct –  homemade pizza

What’s For Dinner? Wk 39 2012

I think I’m really far ahead of myself with the week numbering? Anyway, we decided to celebrate having some money left over at the end of the month and the end of a very hard week with a meal out to a korean restaurant on Friday evening that we had wanted to try for ages. It was very healthy (mixed mushroom stew and bibimbap) and came to 30€ for everything which included a drink each and the tip. Then after our painting on Sunday we also decided to go out to eat at our favourite turkish restaurant which came to 22€ with drinks and tip. The week ahead – no eating out!!

  • Mon 1st oct – grilled chicken and steamed veggies
  • Tues 2nd oct – baked tortellonis and spinach
  • Wed 3rd oct – chicken peanut sate
  • Thurs 4th oct – leftover chicken peanut sate
  • Fri 5th oct –  go out to eat


What’s For Dinner? Wk 39 2012

As per normal, my menu plan didn’t all get eaten (mostly because we ate out twice more with my guest than I had planned for). As a result, this weekend we’re not going out to eat, maybe just for a cocktail tonight. I’m also making a pumpkin soup too and some homemade chocolate gelato.

  • Sat 22nd -frozen leftover mousakka (gotta love the make ahead easiness!)
  • Sun 23rd –  Fresh steamed salmon with fresh steamed swiss chard, oven-baked potatoes and carrots

What’s For Dinner? Wk 38 2012

A spontaneous-ish visit from an old friend means I need to be a bit more organised to cook for 3 people!

  • Sat 15th – visitor, going out for dinner
  • Sun 16th –  char siu pork
  • Mon 17th – grilled chicken, salads, couscous
  • Tues 18th – gulasch and brown rice
  • Wed 19th – oven tortelloni bake with spinach and salad
  • Thurs 20th – spicy prawn and ginger stir fry with noodles
  • Fri 21st –  teriyaki burgers with veg and rice

What’s For Dinner? Wk 37 2012 

A hectic week this week, sorry for the delay in posting. My bf has been carrying us through this week there has been little to no organisation. how terrible!

  • Sat 8th – spaetzle and leeks (use up chantrelle mushrooms)
  • Sun 9th –  roast chicken with spinach and carrots and roast potatoes
  • Mon 10th – chicken stir-fry with different veggies
  • Tues 11th – pork fajitas in flatbreads
  • Wed 12th – leftover pork fajitas with brown rice and peppers
  • Thurs 13th – maple syrup roast pumpkin/butternut squash with black beans and polenta
  • Fri 14th –  home-made pizza and antipasti

What’s For Dinner? Wk 36 2012 

The moussaka didn’t get made last week, so I will start with that :) The rest of the veg in the fridge give me the inspiration for the main dishes and the prawns are in the freezer already. Salads in our house don’t get eaten unless there is chicken or mozzarella in it.

  • Sat 1st – on hols – eat out
  • Sun 2nd –  on hols – eat out
  • Mon 3rd – use up the veg after the holidays – moussaka and salad
  • Tues 4th – grilled turkey and spinach [W/L – moussaka]
  • Wed 5th – use up the chantrelle mushrooms with leeks and spaetzle. We have ready-made spaetzle but i’m told they’re easy to make even if you don’t have the special press – just with the dough rolled out on a chopping board and cut a knife. [W/L – leftover turkey and salad]
  • Thurs 6th – spicy prawn and ginger stir fry with noodles [W/L – buy some tofu to leave in work and make miso soup]
  • Fri 7th –  fish and steamed carrots and veg

What’s For Dinner? Wk 35 2012 

Alright, this week is the last week until payday – we can do this! It’s a short week this week hopefully because I have booked some time off as from thursday and we’re traveling to south germany for a few days r&r.

  • Sat 18th – citrus-marinaded pork neck steaks with a salad (basic recipe is on my recipe page, or search the page for other quiches I made)
  • Sun 12th – grilled “Grillfackeln” (twisted strips of pork belly on skewers in a bbq sauce) with garlic bread and fresh corn on the cob. This was intended for BBQ but we didn’t get the weather.
  • Mon 13th – turkey, couscous and salad
    Work Lunch – leftover pasta
  • Tues 14th – mousakka (the recipe is on my recipe page) + freeze leftovers
    W/L – Salad and leftover turkey
  • Wed 15th – mushroom spaetzle with chantrelle mushrooms, zucchini and parmesan
    W/L – Leftover Moussakka and cubed, fried potatoes.
  • Thurs 16th – fryup for breakfast, traveling all day. Sandwiches and snacks in the boot of the car!
  • Fri 17th –  self-catering (something easy like gnocchi pommodoro)

What’s For Dinner? Wk 34 2012

This week was somewhat disorganised for me, so in credit to him, my bf picked up the slack here all week.

  • Sat 11th – meat-overload camping bbq
  • Sun 12th – pork in sauce with rice
  • Mon 13th – pasta bolognese-style (recipe on recipe page) with leftover “ready to cook” garlic bread from camping
  • Tues 14th – pasta bolognese-style (recipe on recipe page) with leftover “ready to cook” garlic bread from camping
  • Wed 15th – pork in sauce with rice
  • Thurs 16th – traveling for work (lunch provided, bought italian dinner for my kind friend who put me up at short notice). YOYO.
  • Fri 17th – eat out (sushi)


What’s For Dinner? Wk 33 2012

I couldnt’ stand to see the cauliflower just go off, so we did have curried cauliflower with some of the leftover curry that had pieces of chicken in it. A compromise! Other than that, with using up all the leftovers we did really very well this week on the grocery bill. Which is just as well because I had other small pitfalls that used up the money!

  • Sat 18th – meat-overload camping bbq (again!)
  • Sun 19th – indian takeaway
  • Mon 20th – pasta
  • Tues 21st – pasta
  • Wed 22nd – chicken stir fry
  • Thurs 23rd – pasta
  • Fri 24th – steaks and “use-up-the-potatoes” wedges

What’s For Dinner? Wk 34 2012

I couldnt’ stand to see the cauliflower just go off, so we did have curried cauliflower with some of the leftover curry that had pieces of chicken in it. A compromise!

  • Sat 11th – meat-overload camping bbq
  • Sun 12th – indian takeaway
  • Mon 13th – leftover curry with cauliflower and leftover rice
  • Tues 14th – leftover smoked salmon sushi
  • Wed 15th – chicken stir fry
  • Thurs 16th – burgers
  • Fri 17th – steaks and “use-up-the-potatoes” wedges

What’s For Dinner? Wk 32 2012

A great effort this week just gone for the menu plan and we ate everything mentioned just not on the given days, but a bit more mixed up. The curried cauliflower was “blockaded” and substituted with chicken. The burgers and chips we had yesterday and not at home but we went out for something to eat before going to the cinema, which was lovely too. Next week looks like this:

  • Sat 10th – meat-overload camping bbq
  • Sun 11th – indian takeaway or pasta with pesto
  • Mon 12th – vegetable spaetzle “wok”
  • Tues 13th – spicy prawns with rice
  • Wed 14th – pizza baguettes and salad
  • Thurs 15th – mousakka
  • Fri 16th – yoghurt chicken skewers

What’s For Dinner? Wk 31 2012

Last week’s meal plan went almost to schedule, apart from yesterday evening because I ate lunch out at work and then had no room. So My guy just had a frozen pizza :( I had planned a quiche last week that I didn’t make and I think the main reason that I didn’t make it was because I was missing some cheese as an ingredient and then of course during the week I don’t go to the supermarket and it’s forgotten about. So, memo to self: get ALL required groceries on Saturday!

I will be trying to also use up some of the little bits and bobs that I store in the freezer in stir fries and quiche. There’s no point saving leftovers if you’re not going to use them up!

  • Sat 3rd – asparagus and bacon quiche with garlic bread and salad
  • Sun 4th – char siu pork
  • Mon 5th – pork stir fry
  • Tues 6th – paella
  • Wed 7th – burgers and chips
  • Thurs 8th – curried cauliflower and basmati rice
  • Fri 9th – paella

What’s For Dinner? Wk 30 2012

  • Sat 27th – BBQ at a friends (BYOB and meat)
  • Sun 28th – Roast Chicken
  • Mon 29th – Oriental chicken in ricepaper pancakes
  • Tues 30th – pasta
  • Wed 31st – quiche and salad
  • Thurs 1st  – quiche and salad
  • Fri 2nd – fish and veg

What’s For Dinner? Wk 29 2012

  • Sat 21st – Fresh mackrel oven roasted in passata with cherry tomatoes (sides of roast zucchini and herb couscous)
  • Sun 22nd – Brunch at a friend’s, late dinner of roast beef
  • Mon 23rd – Broccoli and beef and ginger stir fry
  • Tues 24th – Pasta
  • Wed 25th – Pasta
  • Thurs 26th – chicken fajitas
  • Fri 27th – go out to eat…

What’s For Dinner? Wk 28 2012

And it goes from bad to worse: this week has not been a menu plan so much as a YOYO (You’re On Your Own)

  • Sat 14th – went out to eat in a turkish restaurant
  • Sun 15th – Sweet pancake “dinner” (stopped in a cafe on a cycling trip)
  • Mon 16th – Steak and chips
  • Tues 17th – Dining out with visitors
  • Weds 18th – Pizza Baguettes from the freezer
  • Thurs 19th – Currywurst and chips
  • Friday 20th – salmon and veg…

What’s For Dinner? Wk 27 2012

Sorry for the delay, I had thought most of this week is probably a better example of how not to do a menu plan, but it turns out it’s not so bad.

  • Sat 7th – chicken curry
  • Sun 8th – Go out for dinner
  • Mon 9th – Asian-style Lamb with roast veg
  • Tues 10th – beans and rice from the freezer
  • Weds 11th – chicken curry
  • Thurs 12th – sandwiches
  • Friday 13th – schnitzel


What’s For Dinner? Wk 26 2012

From Wednesday we’ve guests for almost a week, so, I have to make sure there is enough in the house for everybody for breakfasts, lunches etc.

  • Sat 23rd – Dining out as a birthday treat :)
  • Sun 24th – Lamb chops, veg and roast potatoes
  • Mon 25th – Roast pork filet with chantrelle mushrooms
  • Tues 26th – Leftover pork stir fry with veg
  • Weds 27th – Chicken curry for 5
  • Thurs 28th – Pizza and chips for 5
  • Friday 29th – Dining out with visitors


What’s For Dinner? Wk 25 2012

Last friday I bought some lovely fresh Maultaschen from the market, so I didn’t make the fish dish that I had intended to. The beans really made a lot and my boyfriend wasn’t interested in trying them, so I froze the leftovers for a dinner another time.

  • Sat 16th – Sandwiches for lunch, steak and wedges for dinner
  • Sun 17th – Bacon sandwiches for lunch, roast chicken for dinner
  • Mon 18th – Szechuan – style Stir Fry with chicken
  • Tues 19th – Roast veg
  • Wed 20th – pasta
  • Thurs 21st – birthday guy – takeaway
  • Fri 22nd – pasta
  • Sat 23rd – rach & richy restaurant for birthday guy

What’s For Dinner? Wk 24 2012

  • Sat 9 – Spaetzle (lunch), Cajun black beans and rice (not made from last week)
  • Sun 10 – Bacon and Sausages (lunch) , Asparagus and Ham (requested)
  • Mon 11 – Mousakka (use up leftover veggies not eaten from last week)
  • Tues 12 – lemon chicken
  • Wed 13 – Leftover Mousakka
  • Thur 14 – curried cauliflower or butternut squash
  • Fri 15 – Breaded fish and steamed veg


What’s For Dinner? Wk 23 2012

  • Sat 2 – Steaks, Salad and wedges
  • Sun 3 – spaghetti vonghole
  • Mon 4 – Simple Pasta (and freeze some sauce)
  • Tues 5 – Oven roast mediterranean veg and couscous
  • Wed 6 – Pizza and salad
  • Thurs 7 – Cajun black beans and rice
  • Fri 8 – teriyaki salmon and broccolli with baby quick-roast potatoes


What’s For Dinner? Wk 22 2012

  • Mon 28 – BBQ Steaks with oven roast veg
  • Tue 29 – Char Siu Pork with rice
  • Wed 30 – Spicy Prawn Stirfry with noodles
  • Thurs 31 – Chicken with salsa
  • Fri 1 – Breaded Fish and Salad


What’s For Dinner? Wk 21 2012

Apologies for the slightly delayed menu. This week we have guests again, so our menu plan will look a little something like this:

  • Mon 21 – Gnocchi Pommodoro
  • Tues 22 – Ribs & Wedges
  • Wed 23 – Spicy Prawn Stirfry
  • Thurs 24 – Indian takeaway
  • Fri 25 – Eat out in town after work
  • Sat 26 – BBQ at the beach (corn on the cob, leeks, kebabs, halloumi and meat)
  • Sun 27 – Tzaziki, Falafel, Flatbreads and roast veg


What’s For Dinner? Wk 20 2012

I have to plan a bit further into the future this week than normal because I have guests from Sunday-Tues (yay!) and then more guests on Fri-Sunday (yay!) which means we will be eating out a lot this week, and month in fact. In between, there is a “bank holiday” for Ascention Thursday (so the shops will most likely be closed) so I have to get organised to make sure we have everything we need. Other than that I’m not at work 2 days this week, so hopefully the weather will be good and we can go for a picnic on thurs :)

  • Saturday 12 – Use up Chilli Con Carne and soup that’s in the freezer while I’m here on my own
  • Sunday 13 – I have company who’ve travelled a LOOOONG way: Roast Chicken with Rosemary, roast potatoes and steamed veg with gravy
  • Monday 14 – Eat out/takeaway
  • Tuesday 15 – Gnocchi Pommodoro
  • Wednesday 16  – Meeting a friend for lunch, Soup and bread later on
  • Thursday 17 – Pork Chops/BBQ/picnic lunch (breadrolls, ham, fruit, etc.)
  • Friday 18 – Sandwiches, Go out to eat
  • Saturday 19 – Market fish with steamed veg
  • Sunday – Char Siu Pork with roast veg.


What’s For Dinner? Wk 19 2012

This week I’m on my own from Tuesday until Sunday, so I will have to adjust for that. Maybe I can use some stuff up that’s in the freezer if it is a busy week in work, and on Saturday make some fresh freezer stuff. I will have company from Sunday and as the shops aren’t open here on Sunday, it means Sunday’s meal defnintely needs to be bought in advance. Or we go out to eat!

  • Saturday 29 – Quiche for lunch, Pork Kebabs and tabbouleh and salad for dinner
  • Sunday 30 – Moules Frites (request) for dinner. Late breakfast/brunch of omelettes and fruit salad
  • Monday 31 – Leftover Quiche for lunch with salad, Chicken Sate for dinner
  • Tuesday 1 – Leftover Chicken Sate for dinner, Sandwich for lunch
  • Wednesday 2  – Meeting a friend for lunch, Soup and bread later on
  • Thursday 3 – Salads and pickles for lunch with bread. Stir Fry veg for dinner
  • Friday 4 – Spicy ginger chilli garlic Prawns and noodles (STILL not made from last week)
  • Saturday 5 – roast veg with tzaziki (STILL not made)


What’s For Dinner? Wk 18 2012

Last week was a bad week, well, we ate mostly leftovers (there was some chicken curry and bacon and sausages). Leftovers isn’t a bad thing, but when I had nothing prepared then I ate jam on toast. Bad! But I’m just picking myself up and starting again :) It’s not always easy being a payroll SHE!

  • Saturday 29 – Cod from the market with garlic bread and salads
  • Sunday 30 – Pan-fried peppered Steaks, Baked Potatoes and veg.
  • Monday 31 – Pasta and Garlic Bread
  • Tuesday 1 – Chicken Fajitas with peppers * May Day will mean the shops are closed here – forward planning essential!
  • Wednesday 2  – Pasta leftovers
  • Thursday 3 – Ribs and wedges with salad
  • Friday 4 – Spicy ginger chilli garlic Prawns and noodles with stirfry veg (not made from last week)
  • Saturday 5 – chickpea burgers, Tzaziki and oven roast veg with flatbread


What’s For Dinner? Wk 17 2012

  • Saturday 21 – Eating Out (not sure what or where – that will be spontaneous)
  • Sunday 22 – Pan-fried Steaks, Baked Potatoes and Salad with Beetroot. Prepare Quiche and Marinade Char Siu Pork
  • Monday 23 – Quiche and Salad with Spiced Couscous
  • Tuesday 24 – Braised Butternut Squash and Black Beans
  • Wednesday 25  – Chicken Saté
  • Thursday 26 – Ribs and Avocado Salad with Chips
  • Friday 27 – Spicy ginger chilli garlic Prawns and noodles with stirfry veg
  • Saturday 28 – Kofteh, Tzaziki and oven roast veg with hummous and flatbread



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